ID: 402000100
icon Rain of Blows II
Level: 22
Cast Time: Instant
MP cost: 250
Cooldown: 6 sec
Base Damage: 288

[Effect] Edge Skill
Execute a flurry of sword swings while advancing on your foe.
You take 50% less damage while using this skill, and are more resistant to knockdown and stagger.

[Chain Skill Guide]
Activates faster if used after Combative Strike, Cascade of Stuns, or Blade Waltz.

[Skill Usage]
A fast series of attacks that sets up skill combos.

Noctenium infusion effect: Increases damage—consumes 1 noctenium infusion each time this skill is used.

- Empowered Rain of Blows
- Restorative Rain of Blows
- Empowered Rain of Blows
- Restorative Rain of Blows

Source: NPC
Price: 25silver47bronze

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