ID: 3701000400
icon Unleashed: Beast Fury
Level: 65
Cast Time: Instant
HP cost: 7048
Cooldown: 10 sec
Base Damage: 16,321

[Effect] Unleashed Skill
Sacrifice your HP to unleash a series of brutal attacks as you rush forward. While rushing forward, damage taken is reduced by 50%.
Using the skill consumes bonuses from Unleashed: Sinister, Unleashed: Dexter, and Unleashed: Rampage.

[Civil Unrest]
Unleashed: Beast Fury cannot be used in the Civil Unrest area.

[Chain Skill Guide]
The skill can be used to interrupt unleashed attack skills.[Skill Usage]While Unleash is active, press the skill button while facing the target.

Source: quest

Obtained from:
icon - [Apex] Self-Doubt

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