ID: 3306000900
icon Thrall of Vengeance VI
Level: 38
Cast Time: Instant
MP cost: 875
Cooldown: 22 sec

HP: 25'476 (+4'056)
Attack: 168
Defense: 804

[Effect] Summon Skill
Summon a Thrall of Vengeance that deals ranged attacks to your enemies for 60 seconds.

Thralls gain stat boosts based on the gear their summoner is wearing.

[Skill Limits]
Summoning a Thrall of Wrath or Thrall Lord will cancel Thrall of Vengeance.

[Skill Usage]
Use when you need to attack enemies at range.

- Empowered Thrall of Vengeance
- Fortified Thrall of Vengeance
- Lingering Thrall of Vengeance
- Lingering Thrall of Vengeance

Source: NPC
Price: 2gold77silver02bronze

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