ID: 305000700
icon Radiant Arrow V
Level: 26
Cast Time: Instant
MP cost: 60 60 60 120
Cooldown: 10 sec
Base Damage: 1'198

Charge up the arrow's damage by holding down the skill button, then shoot the arrow up to 18 by releasing the button. Charges to three levels. Overcharging beyond three levels will damage you. While charging up, you can move at half speed.

PVP: Reduced damage at max distance.

Noctenium infusion effect: Increases damage—consumes 1 noctenium infusion each time this skill is used.

- Longshot Radiant Arrow
- Slick Radiant Arrow
- Slick Radiant Arrow
- Sanative Radiant Arrow
- Carving Radiant Arrow
- Longshot Radiant Arrow
- Carving Radiant Arrow

Source: NPC
Price: 47silver25bronze

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