ID: 1304000900
icon Aura of the Merciless IV
Level: 63
Cast Time: Instant
MP cost: 250
Cooldown: 2 sec

[Effect] Toggle Skill
Grants Titanic Wrath I and Titanic Fury I to you and your allies within 30m, increasing Power by 48, Attack Speed by 9.6, and Crit Factor by 120%.

Costs 30 MP every 2 seconds to maintain.

[Skill Limits]
Cannot be used with Aura of the Swift.

[Skill Usage]
Boosts nearby allies when skill is activated.

Noctenium infusion effect: Reduces MP for maintaining aura—consumes 1 noctenium infusion each time this skill is used.

- Brilliant Aura of the Merciless

Source: NPC
Price: 61gold58silver57bronze

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