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icon [Important] The Crash
[Lvl 66]

Previous quests in the chain:
[Important] Ill Deeds by Twilight
Next quest in the chain:
[Dungeon] Dawn of the Butterflies

Start NPC: Laaran

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To everyone's surprise but yours, the Stronghold of Blood was not a safe place at all. On your way to save the villagers, you and Elleon encountered an enormous castle in the sky. From out of this flying castle emerged hordes of the butterflies that you saw in Velik’s dream. They attacked the refugees' transports, forcing them out of the sky. You hurried to the crash site and rescued all the survivors you could find.

Laaran is looking for you.
Speak with Laaran in Tria.

We've decided to send the villagers to the Stronghold of Blood until this plague has been dealt with.

The area outside is dangerous, but they should be safe behind the fortifications. Please gather them up and make sure they get to the transports.

I'm needed here to coordinate the evacuation, so they'll need someone they trust, and I can't think of anyone they'd trust more than you.

It's a good thing that I contacted Jordal beforehand.

We won't be back for a long time, right?
I should take some food, fruit, and...yes, some pills for travel sickness. Long-sleeved clothing, and...

These recruits have never seen any real action before. All they had were drills. I'm not sure if they'll do a good job guarding the villagers.

But who knows? Maybe one of them is the next ...

One hero can sometimes do what a hundred soldiers cannot.

But when it comes to mundane, day-to-day bravery, it is soldiers who are the true heroes.

If we're going to the Stronghold of Blood, a flying transport would be the safest way.

Going to the ruins was impossible after the soldiers pulled out. So, on the bright side, I'm glad I can finally go and take a look for myself.

It breaks my heart to evacuate the village like this.

I've struggled to keep Tria safe, and failed more than I succeeded. Now this?

Ah, well. It was never about was always about them.

, please get the civilians aboard the transports.

What will become of our home...?

We will come back one day, right?

My recruits are all accounted for.

I'm actually looking forward to getting a closer look at the ruins!

Essenia Transport
The last of the villagers are aboard the transports.

No! I was too late!

I got word from our scouts: The amber powder is coming from Stronghold of Blood! We must get word to the transports and get those people back here.

If they land in the stronghold, they'll all be infected!

This is devastating...I've put everyone's lives in danger...

We must go after the transports!

They'll be flying past Serenity Valley...Velnen should be there. He can tell you if the transports have already passed by. Go! Now!

I can send you directly to Velnen at Liberation Station.

Are you ready to teleport now?

I'm sorry, but Laaran is mistaken; those transports won't be passing by here. They'll be flying in over the Stronghold of Blood.

And I'm afraid it won't be easy getting to them in there.

The route in is overrun with ferocious monsters, and we've even had to evacuate most of our camps. Even if we get past them, it will be even more difficult getting back out.

For now, I'll order all the troops I can spare to the Stronghold of Blood keep the villagers safe.

Until we know more, you should help by recapturing our camps.

There are four camps under enemy control. Clear them of monsters, and repair their teleportals so we can reoccupy the camps.

You can start just on the other side of the main road there.

Clear out those Mutated Warthogs, then repair the teleportal.

Velnen's plan is sound. Our first priority is keeping the villagers safe, and that will be easier if we can keep the road clear.

I think the teleportal's just misaligned. It shouldn't take much to get it working again.

Jelena and I will help the soldiers secure the camp, then start searching for the transports. If we locate any villagers, we'll bring them here first.

Good luck with the other camps. I'll catch up as soon as I can.

It's an honor to meet you, . I am Hudere, Velnen's assistant. He sent me ahead to get the camps into liveable condition.

Thank you for repairing the teleportal.

I'll follow after you with supplies after I get this place set up.

Our biggest obstacle, I think, will be all those vulcans. They're going to tear our supply wagons to pieces.

Can you clear a path so we can get the supplies through?

I'll meet you at the next camp.

The supplies made it through, thanks to you.

We'll get this camp operational, and meet you at the next camp.

But...these siege weapons need repairs. We don't have the facilities to do that here.

Would you escort one of these siege weapons to the next camp?

They're in bad shape, so you'll have to protect it from enemy attacks... but once you get it to the camp, we'll be able to repair it, then send it back to escort the next one, and so on.

Just be quick. There's very little fuel left in the tanks right now.

The fuel tank is almost empty.

You have to hurry.

! I've heard all about you!

You're the one who wiped out the Lok cultists!

Ah, excuse me... I have to deliver my report.

We took heavy losses, recapturing the fourth camp, and Laaran still needs to make sure the the way is clear between here and there.

Not many, actually... but it was brutal, and now their morale is in the gutter.

Hey... on your way, why don't you collect monster teeth and show them to the troops at Camp Delta?

That should cheer them up. I'd do it myself, if we had time to wait for the rest of the siege weapons... but I'm sure you can handle it on your own.

I knew this would be easy work for you.

The soldiers are relieved that you got a little vengeance on those fangspawns. Thank you.

Now that all the camps are set up, please go rescue the villagers and bring them to me.

After they're safe behind the barricades, the guards will be able to keep the monsters at a safe distance.

I heard that you were recapturing the camps, so I came back to get you.

The transports are nearly at the Stronghold of Blood.

We have to stop them before they set down!

There's no time to lose!

We have to get inside quickly and get those refugees out of there.

Elleon went on ahead, and he should have reached the stronghold by now.

But that flying castle... those giant butterflies... he's going to need our help.

We should split up, search different crash sites.

We need to work fast.

Terrified Soldier
Monsters...! Giant butterflies—everywhere!!

They're spreading around some kind of amber-colored powder!

The rest of my unit is still in there...if we don't hurry, they'll all get the crystal plague!

The transport just fell out of the sky...!

I got separated from my husband... I can't find him!

Please find him. I can't live without him!

Thank you. Thank you so much!

May the gods guide your way.

Helpless Soldier
Those... butterfly things surrounded the transport and...we crashed!

People were screaming, crying...we all panicked and...

Helpless Soldier
You're right. I...thank you.

There are still people inside. They're back that way...up the stairs, then to the left.

Please save them!

Fallen Soldier
The corpse is covered in blood and crystal powder.

We found some survivors, but there are still too many unaccounted for.

The bulk of the wreckage is this way...on the other side of all these giant butterflies.

I'll distract them... You go see if you can find any more survivors!

This is our refuge? I thought we were supposed to be safe here!

I'll get these survivors to the refugee camps. You should report to Seir, and let him know that the Stronghold of Blood isn't secure.

Bringing these people here was federation's idea in the first place. We obviously need a better plan now.

Jelena and I will go do some reconnaissance on tha...whatever it is in the sky.

I have a spare teleport scroll. When we're done here, I'll send you back to Liberation Station. Check in with Velnen...see if he needs any more help here, then join us in Spring Valley.

We'll fill you in on what we find out when you get there.

I can teleport you when you're ready to go.

Nice to see you still in one piece, .

I should've known that the transports would crash...

It feels like I dreamed about it, or something like it.

Anyway... it looks like you've found all the survivors we're likely to find. Good work.

Get some rest.

I'll take care of the survivors, but I might need you to help me, if you have the time.

Speak with Laaran.
Get the villagers to board the transports.
Speak with Laaran.
Get Himmul on board.
Get Erenya on board.
Get Aurl on board.
Get Mannes on board.
Tell the transports to depart.
Speak with Elleon.
Speak with Laaran.
Ask Velnen where the transports are.
Defeat the Contaminated Warthogs.
Contaminated Warthog
Go to the Temporary Camp.
Speak with Elleon.
Repair the Teleportal.
Speak with Hudere.
Defeat the Vulcans near Camp Beta.
Contaminated Vulcan
Go to Camp Beta.
Repair the Teleportal.
Speak with Hudere.
Escort the siege weapon to Camp Gamma
Speak with Jordal.
Gather the Contaminated Fangspawn's Teeth
Contaminated Fangspawn
Deliver the Contaminated Fangspawn's Teeth to Camp Delta.
Speak with Hudere.
Follow Jelena to the ridge and get her report.
Go to the Stronghold of Blood with Jelena.
Speak with Jelena.
Go to the Stronghold of Blood and search for a crashed transport.
Ask the soldier about the camp.
Eliminate the Mournwings.
Search for more crash survivors.
Talk to Korey.
Defeat the butterflies.
Search for more crash survivors.
Speak with the soldier.
Go deeper into the Fort.
Help the soldier.
Go deeper into the stronghold.
Speak with Elleon.
Go to the crash site.
Defeat the Murderwings.
Speak to the villager.
Escort the villager to Elleon.
Speak with Elleon.
Speak with Velnen.

- 790,600,000 XP
- Skill Advancement Scroll I x30
- Superior Recovery Potable x3
- Superior Replenishment Potable x3
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