ID: 3321
icon Gift of the Magi-Gone-Awry
[Lvl 41] Citadel of Torment

Previous quests in the chain:
The Traitor of Acarum
Start NPC: Georrif

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I need someone who knows what they're doing to get into the Citadel of Torment and help those researchers before they're all killed.

Apparently the soldiers inside already aren't enough. Would you like the mission, ?

Then report to Meygren inside the Citadel of Torment.

Welcome, welcome. Hope you're ready to knuckle down.

Our highest priority is to develop a defense so that the people are not affected by the monsters' evil spells, but unfortunately, we can't seem to gather the necessary ingredients.

The second and third floors are host to a variety of strange undead creatures—and their belongings, which radiate the sort of mana we need.

Please get the bloodstained hairbrushes from the vampir noblewoman and cursed vampir noblewoman on the second floor, and the deathshead pocketwatches from the vampir gentleman on the third floor.

You did it! With these I can block the vampirs and their mesmerizing magic. Thank you, .

You can find the vampir noblewoman and the cursed vampir noblewoman in the Hall of Maidens. The vampir gentleman is in the Hall of Masters. Fortunately, you'll be a floor away from those awful dolls...

Exit Acarum and head south to the Citadel of Torment. Report to Meygren at the Gloomhaunt Sentry Post.
Collect the necessary items from the second and third floors.
- Bloodstained Hairbrush
Vampir Noblewoman
Cursed Vampir Noblewoman
Vampir Gentleman
Bloodletter Moppet
Bring the items to Meygren.

- 310,440 XP
- 3gold10silver44bronze
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