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icon Seren's Lake
[Lvl 59] Balder's Refuge

Previous quests in the chain:
Keepers of the Sun
Next quest in the chain:
Into the Light

Start NPC: Elsine

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You and Rida unlocked the second temple seal at Seren's Lake. Before you left to meet the leader of the Consos, Rida warned you against trusting the Mysterium too far with the secrets of the temple.

Alais tracked Princess Rida to the observatory near the Upper Archive.

Here, take the repository scrolls. Alais will be enthralled by their historical contents, I'm sure.

Good luck on your quest, . It's been a pleasure working together again.

! I take it you have the ceremony?

Let me see these. Plenty of historical observations, but those can wait. Yes, here's the ceremony!

A purification rite. How quaint.

Resting by Seren's Lake.

I suspect this is the temple's final safeguard. I'll go to the Archive Stronghold and inform Nandu, the Consos chief.

No doubt there will be more formalities.

Well, it's more of a camp than a stronghold, really. But we think it's the location of the vaults beneath Balder's Archives.

Or where those vaults used to be, I suppose. Balder's death tore this place apart, but a few baraka sheltered there and survived. Nandu, just a child, was among them.

But enough remedial history. Go to Seren's Lake and unlock the temple.

A ceremony? Of course!

I found the seal—in that pavilion there—but something was missing. We have to purify ourselves.

I need some Moonlight Lotus. Would you pick some?

These'll do. Now hold still a moment.

Seren! By our common blood, by clear water, and by your sacred flower, I invoke your cleansing touch. Make us pure. Prepare us for the trials to come!

Almost done. I'll enter the seal. You work it from outside.

Moonlight Lotus plants grow near the water.

I just, "we" just unlocked Balder's Temple!

I've fulfilled my vision, and you got to play the hero again.

I just hope we did the right thing opening the temple up to Alais and his Mysterium cronies.

Your friend Elsine's a great scholar, but who's in charge here? Alais.

, the Mysterium cares about one thing—the Mysterium.

They don't trust other people with power. Don't assume they want the same things the federation does.

You and the princess unlocked the final seal? Superb!

As I suspected, there's one more formality. Nandu, the Consos chief, will give you the key to open the temple door. For centuries, the Consos clan has awaited this moment, so we must give them their ceremonies.

Well? Go and find Nandu! The secrets of Balder's Temple await!

[Upper Archive]
Ask Alais for Rida's location.
- Ceremony Scrolls
[Seren's Lake]
Find Rida and perform the purification ceremony.
- The Path of Purification
[Seren's Lake]
Collect moonlight lotuses.
- Moonlight Lotus <10/10>
Moonlight Lotus
Give the Moonlight Lotuses to Rida.

Break the final seal.
Thank Rida.
[Archive Stronghold]
Find Alais and tell him the seals are broken.

- 3,542,000 XP
- 70gold00silver00bronze
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