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icon To the Garden of the Sun
[Lvl 59] Balder's Refuge

Next quest in the chain:
Keepers of the Sun

Start NPC: Ryshan

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The lead researcher in Bastion asked you to visit in order to unravel a prophecy tied to the god Balder's death.

It's been a long time, . You may not remember me.

Your talents could unravel a puzzle holding back our work here in Veritas. Please come to the Sanctum Mysterium in Allemantheia, and I will explain.


A pleasure to see you safe. I hear Thulsa is no more? Well done!

Now, to the point. Alais, the research director in the town of Bastion in Balder's Refuge, requested someone with experience in...godly matters, let's say. I thought of you.

It's not widely known outside Allemantheia.

It was the home of the gods Balder and Seren, and is where Balder was killed. It's a beautiful place with many gifts for the world, but also some puzzles Alais can't solve.

Alais is great in a library, but out of his depth in the field. You, on the other hand? You've stood toe-to-toe with the gods themselves.

Alais seems to think that's important.

Before you go, confirm your identity at the Identifier behind me. Can't be too careful!

Yes, I remember you from when you intervened in the quarrel between me and my sister. I hear you've become quite the war hero.

But you're still just a soldier while I am a princess among my people, divinely selected for my might and wisdom. Whatever needs doing in Balder's Refuge, I can handle it.

You belong on a battlefield, not guarding a bunch of archaeologists.


That is, I can protect myself.

And besides, I won't be traveling by pegasus!

Rida's Book
(One line, scribbled in fresher ink, catches your eye.)

("The Sun shall await two: one drawn from soil and strong, and one drawn from air and wise. Through might and wisdom, they will reawaken a long-lost hope.")

Thank you, .

You didn't open this, did you?


As a princess of the elin, I channel the goddess Seren's will. When she sends me a prophecy or vision, I write it down here. Some of them are personal.

Um, thank you, . It would have been embarrassing for this to fall into...indiscreet hands.

Elsine from Blessing Basin told me you did well when you encountered the Cenotaph that chronicled your deeds. It probably seems long ago to you, eh?

Your connection to those cenotaphs is why you're here. When the god Balder died, the other gods forbade the mortal races from entering his refuge. Now the ban's been lifted on all but one part of Balder's Refuge.

To break the seal on Balder's Temple, we need you and one other person.

Rida? Yes. I figured it would be either Rida or her sister.

Either sister would be suitable. I gather Rida is somewhat headstrong?

Arin is more politically minded than Rida, so perhaps it's best that we're saddled with Rida.

To unlock the temple, we need a "hero of earth"—that would be you—and a "wise spirit of the air." Rida will do for that.

You will need to work together. Can you convince her?

Both of us? Hmm. That explains something I've been wondering about.

You're a capable fighter, so I'll allow it. You may protect me while I figure out how to open the temple. Seren must have told Alais that we'd be coming.

How much do you know about this place?

Not just Balder's home—also home to Seren, patron of the elin. The refuge is full of Seren's natural beauty and Balder's kindness. Balder's own creations still tend and protect this most sacred of sacred ground.

It's also a target. A clan of baraka tends an archive left over from the ancient empire of the giants. I've heard that some of the baraka were here when Balder died.

Consider what that means.

So old they'd be dead! And whatever keeps them alive is nothing compared to what's preserving the temple itself.

It's Balder's legacy. If you're exploring the refuge with me, I need to know you'll treat it with respect.

Ask Alais what we need to do, and think about respect, hmm?

Rida is willing? Excellent! Elsine was right about you.

The refuge has already taught us much. Who knows what secrets Balder's temple contains?

The sooner we unseal the temple, the sooner we can learn its secrets and put them to use for the federation.

Go to the Sanctum Mysterium in Allemantheia and talk to Ryshan.
Report to Bastion that you will use the Identifier behind Ryshan to go to Balder's Refuge.
Talk to Princess Rida.
Pick up the book Rida dropped.
Return the book to Rida outside Bastion.
- Rida's Book
Meet Alais.
Find Rida and direct her to Bastion.
Return to Alais.

- 5,000,000 XP
- 50gold00silver00bronze
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