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icon Isobel's Little Problem
[Lvl 38] Timeless Woods

Previous quests in the chain:
Inky Dinky Don't
Start NPC: Isobel

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Why can't we stabilize this region? If it's not one thing, it's another!

Now our supplies aren't getting through to the outpost. The bloody fangspawns are eating them. I want you to fight your way east, clear out the hellmouth fangspawns and link up with the other force. Check in on my scout along the way.

Work quickly and do what you can to shore up Leshal's position.

Pleased to meet you! I've kept an eye out in case Isobel managed to send us any reinforcements. Speaking of which, where are our supplies?

Fangspawns ate 'em, huh? Typical.

This whole deployment's as squared away as a soup sandwich. Well, Centurion Leshal's probably anxious to speak with you.

Isobel's intentions are sterling but her inexperience is a clear liability. She's a fine soldier but is a follower, not a leader.

Still, dealing with those fangspawns is a great help. The fauna in this region are generally more aggressive than elsewhere, yet no one knows why. Perhaps we can put you to use and uncover the mystery.

Clear a path to Heartwood, eliminating the hellmouth fangspawns along the way.
Hellmouth Fangspawn
Check in with Scout Tainer, last seen headed east towards Heartwood.
Head down the slope and report to Leshal at Dorana Outpost.

- 75,500 XP
- 75silver50bronze
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