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icon Gotta Treat 'Em Gentle
[Lvl 38] Blightwood

Start NPC: Anarie

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We've three gauges that measure the corruption in the region, but they've gone silent.

I need you to venture into the woods and get them back up and running. Likely they just need a simple adjustment.

Find the three afflictiometers, fix them, and return to me.

First Afflictiometer
(The device is clunking loudly. It sounds like something's stuck.)

Second Afflictiometer
(The afflictiometer is clicking rapidly, like claws on marble.)

Third Afflictiometer
(This device is absolutely silent.)

Wonderful! The afflictiometers are working well now.

Nothing a good sharp kick couldn't fix, I'll wager. On behalf of the Mysterium, thank you.

Now, to see just what they've recorded.

Find the afflictiometers and repair them.
Report back to Anarie.

- 18,000 XP
- 18silver00bronze
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