ID: 1933
icon Sidurek's Secret
[Lvl 28] Freeholds

Previous quests in the chain:
Destroy Sidurek
Start NPC: Elsta

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The item Sidurek hid must be somewhere in his village. Find it, and take it to Cardis at Velik's Vigil.

I should stay a bit longer to watch their next move. I'm counting on you, .

Old Chest
The old chest contains a journal.

Old Chest
...contaminating the drinking water was the most effective way. Direct ingestion through drinks or food has the fastest effects. After conducting various tests, we decided to use the oak barrel filled with contaminated wine...

Old Barrel
(The old barrel is filled with ash. You put your hand in, start to feel around, and find a round object.)

This is the item Sidurek left behind? Interesting.

I'll send this to Velika right away. Thank you for all your help.

Find Sidurek's Journal in the ruins north of the encampment.
Search the old barrel for Sidurek's hidden clue.
Take the strange orb to Cardis of Velik's Vigil in Freeholds.
- Strange Orb

- 34,500 XP
- 34silver50bronze
- Signet of Unity
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