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icon (Guild) Eliminate the Desert Fire Kulkaris
[Lvl 36] Colossal Ruins

Quest starts automatically at level 36

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Mission Orders

The Desert Fire kulkaris strike from Mags Kurata and Mags Kuchanaru. You're ordered to put a stop to it.

Kill the Desert Fire thrashers, shamans, destroyers, and prophets.

Report to Reyal in Tulufan when mission is complete.

You've earned the thanks of the federation. Your guild is an inspiration to all!

It looks like you haven't completed your mission yet.

Kill Desert Fire kulkaris near Mags Kurata and Mags Kuchanaru.
- Proof of Kill: Desert Fire Kulkari
Desert Fire Thrasher
Desert Fire Shaman
Desert Fire Destroyer
Desert Fire Prophet
Report to Reyal in Tulufan.

- Catharnach Award
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