ID: 1724
icon Distasteful Duty
[Lvl 24] Paraanon Ravine

Start NPC: Tibod

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I can't! It's just...too much! Better I never enlisted. Better I'd died in the Cult's first attack!

Lost my uncle and his family when the Cult took over. Joined the army to help my people. Other uncle's in the cult himself. Those fields? Full of people I know. Cult kidnaps anyone they can and kills those who won't join!

I can't. Can't kill them. They're my blood! I'm no coward, but Nature weeps at this!

These enthralled workers aren't your folk. They have to die. If you'll do it mercifully, I'll be in your debt.

Elinu, wash their souls in rivers of moonlight. Take their blood and make it pure again.

Thank you, friend.

Execute the enthralled workers near the camp. Be merciful.
Enthralled Worker
Report to Tibod at the Embattled Outpost.

- 17,900 XP
- 17silver90bronze
- Tier 3 Alkahest x4
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