ID: 1502
icon Pure Rock Madness
[Lvl 23] Cliffs of Insanity

Previous quests in the chain:
Circle the Wagons
Next quest in the chain:
Tracking Down Jadan

Start NPC: Bedoram

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An active dementalith would strip your sanity away with a single touch. Bedoram proposed blasting the device and introduced you to Jelena, a skilled saboteur.

Jelena's bomb disabled the stone and you dispatched its vampir guardian. Jelena was dismayed that a vampir was involved. They had been decent beings once, she said. She left you to find out what had befallen them.

Worse news followed. Bedoram recognized the runes engraved on the broken dementalith: sigils of the cult of Lok. This was no disease or random attack.

This was part of a bigger plan.

One mustn't touch dementaliths, if it can be avoided. It takes considerable magical power to destroy them and the risk of madness is high.

On the other hand, I know someone who can help. Jelena!

She's one of the Valkyon Rangers and is quite adept with explosives. I know she's in the region. Track her down, . She's, ah, a blast to work with.

Looking for me?

You want to destroy a dementalith? Yes, it can be done, but it might not be that simple.

If I was plotting this out, I'd have guards or some other protection for a relic that powerful. I'll give you the charge, but you'd best be ready for a fight.

Still standing, eh? Guess there's something to the stories about you after all. Nevermind. What happened?

Vampirs? Let me see that fragment.

Odd. Why would the vampirs be involved? They've lived in the kingdom for centuries. At the same time, Leander once told me vampirs have ties to blood magic. Enough speculation.

Get that sample to Bedoram. It gives me the creeps.

Back already? Did you blow up the dementalith?

Let me examine this more closely.

There are symbols inscribed on it. That makes no sense. Why would Lok's sigil be on this fragment? He's dead and largely forgotten.

A cult dedicated to him? That's bizarre, but it might explain a few details. Cults thrive in splintered societies, drawing strength from the disaffected. This chaos could be the start of something much larger.

Take this news to Prefect Paka, my friend. Hurry!

Take the unusual stone to Bedoram.

A dementalith? Blood magic? A cult? Nature hates me.

Why would the vampirs be working with a cult? They're happy here. We all are. It doesn't make sense.

But where are my manners? I've forgotten the important thing!

To thank you and Bedoram, obviously! You've saved my town from death or worse! We can't thank you enough!

I fear that's literally true. With all these troubles, we've borrowed heavily to keep the district running.

But tell Bruke how grateful I am and I'm sure he'll reward you!

You did your job, nothing more. Don't expect a parade in Velika anytime soon.

Still, I'm authorized to give you a small reward.

Take this, and await further orders...if General Samael decides to employ you again, that is.

Search for Jelena in the ruins around the Cliffs of Insanity.
Set Jelena's demolition charge near the dementalith.
Take a fragment of the dementalith and escape its vampir protectors.
- Dementalith Shard
"What's this?"
- Dementalith Shard
Show the fragment to Jelena.

Grab the fragment.
- Dementalith Shard
Show the fragment to Bedoram at Camp Redemption.

Report to Prefect Paka in Popolion.
Brief Justicar Bruke about the dementalith.

- 252,000 XP
- 5gold00silver00bronze
- Rip & Tear (Warrior)
- Lupus Lance (Lancer)
- Howlfang Blade (Slayer)
- Ripfang Cleaver (Berserker)
- Moonfang Lens (Sorcerer)
- Lukos Bow (Archer)
- Staff of Ulfur (Priest)
- Scepter of Hundur (Mystic)
- Fringeshot (Gunner)
- Buffer Fists (Brawler)
- Razorbloom (Ninja)
- Howlican (Valkyrie)
iconAdditional Reward:
- Hands of Velika Reputation (500 XP)
- Hands of Velika Credit (15 )
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