ID: 1382
icon Gathering Your Strength
[Lvl 5] Island of Dawn
Class limit: Warrior, Lancer, Slayer, Berserker, Archer

Previous quests in the chain:
Getting to Know the Garrison
Next quest in the chain:
Climbing through the Ranks

Start NPC: Milene

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You met with Gurney, the Tactics Instructor, and then learned about gathering from Lilni.

You have all the information necessary to stay strong and effective. But it is always wise to train your skills as soon as possible.

Your next conversation should be with Gurney.

I teach combat skills around here. That makes me the next best thing to actual combat, and I'm always ready to show you a few new tricks.

And speaking of tricks...I don't do magic. That's Charise.

Let's see...I heard explosions earlier, you smell like a campfire...of course!

Lilni! Show this keener how to break some rocks, would you?

Nature's bounty is all around you. Ores, plants, and energy are all materials that can be harvested for crafting!

This skill will serve you well, as crafted items are generally of superior quality.

Materials are everywhere! See what I mean?

Gatherable items activate when you walk near them—a circle appears much like the one I'm standing in. Stand next to a gatherable item and press F. If it fails, try again.

Give it a try for yourself. Look around near me for reddish rocks. When you find and activate one, press the [F] key.

Good work. You wouldn't believe how many people come back to me with some random pebbles.

When you're in a group, you'll gather materials faster and share in the rewards.

Another way to speed up gathering: increase your gathering skill level through practice. Practice makes perfect!

Have you tried gathering in the greater world? Should you need to practice what you've learned, approach that pile of rocks, then press the [F] key. And remember, you cannot gather while in combat.

Speak with Gurney, the tactics Instructor at the Tower Base.
Speak with Lilni.
Press [F] to collect ore from a Mock Rock near Lilni.
- Primer Ore <2/2>
Mock Rock
Check back with Lilni for other tips on gathering.

- 100 XP
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