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icon Priest Training
[Lvl 2] Island of Dawn
Class limit: Priest

Previous quests in the chain:
Making the Rounds
Start NPC: Dulari

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Dulari and his staff taught you how to train new skills.

I trust you've seen by now that this island is no normal place. The ghilliedhus, the structures to the south, and further on there's the...well let's just say you'll be no use to us if you're dead.

Making the island safe for future researchers is your top priority now. Volis over there will teach you how to be a better .

Those seeking knowledge are right to come to Volis, child of Karas. When you are ready to learn, the Skills icon on the Menu bar updates. Open your Skill window (K) to select your new skill, or visit class masters and instructors throughout the federation and select Learn Skills.

For now, an eager should focus on Metamorphic Blast I.

A wave of pain falls hard on the enemy. When Metamorphic Blast washes over opponents, they scatter like seeds before the breeze.

Also, even the most experienced spellcasters use Mana Infusion to replenish their power. Without the resources to turn knowledge into actions, defeat is the only possible outcome.

You learned Metamorphic Blast, but can you use it?

You've probably noticed all the noruks around here. Take out a few on your way south, and check in with Nivek at the base of the hill.

Hmm, these hides are...well, disgusting actually. But since it seems you have some skills, perhaps you can help us with a few other tasks. Good job, recruit!

Receive information on how to learn magic spells from Volis at Dulari's Camp.
Learn Metamorphic Blast from the Instructor or the Skills menu (K key).
Speak with Volis again.
Speak with Dulari again.
Hunt the noruks and collect their hides.
- Noruk Hide
Go and visit Nivek.

- 2,100 XP
- 1silver50bronze
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