ID: 000722010
icon Allemantheian Guard
Aman female
Level: 40
HP: 10,000
Location: Allemantheia

Welcome to Allemantheia. How may I direct you?

{@linkcreature:72#1104#Allemantheia Headquarters (speak to the gatekeeper to enter)#}
{@linkcreature:72#1104#Bellicarium and Killing Spree Quartermasters (enter Allemantheia Headquarters)#}
{@linkcreature:72#1104#Guild Manager (enter Allemantheia Headquarters)#}
Arcane Symposium
Martial Symposium
Symposium of Artisans
Sharan Command
Flight Manager
Bank and Post, Trade Broker
Merchant, Crystal Merchant, Specialty Store
Inventory Manager
Novelty Merchant
Dye Merchant
Unified Theory Institute Merchant
Celestial Arena Guide
Challenge Dungeon Instructor
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