Federation Swift Twin Swords Federation Mighty Lance Federation Sturdy Greatsword Federation Gigantic Axe Federation Spinning Disc Federation Ace Bow Federation Surprise Staff Federation Heart Scepter Lun's Impenetrable Hauberk Lun's Weightless Cuirass Lun's Shiny Robe Federation Sharp Twin Swords Federation Pointy Lance Federation Wide-bladed Greatsword Federation Invincible Axe Federation Flying Disc Federation Flexible Bow Federation Long Staff Federation Short Scepter Yoki's Rugged Hauberk Yoki's Resilient Cuirass Yoki's Reliable Robe Federation Boar Twin Swords Federation Unicorn Lance Federation Vulcanus Greatsword Federation Storm Lizard Axe Federation Tuwangi Disc Federation Argass Bow Federation Siren Staff Federation Terron Scepter Shan's Fimbrilisk Hauberk Shan's Shadow Cougar Cuirass Shan's Dagonite Robe Federation Flower Dance Twin Swords Federation Moon Crusher Lance Federation Extinguisher Greatsword Federation Infinity Axe Federation Nova Disc Federation Lucky Strike Bow Federation Staff of Exorcism Federation Expeller Scepter Nepir's Diamond Hauberk Nepir's Wyvern Cuirass Nepir's Mana Robe Khirian Bomb Test Design 1 for Mixing Mana Wave Map Training Bomb Demolition Charge Pliant Rope Lokian Testing Serum Mystic's Vial Sorcerer's Medallion Warrior's Wrap Combination Catalyst Bubble of Darkened Soul Pheromone Dart Fae Antidote Dart Onyx Breath Quiescent Purifier Tempestuous Purifier Jellied Decursive Essence of Truth Lure of the Hart Fake Godshead Brogar Legion Missive Earth-shattering K Bomb Headstone Rubbing Ancient Book Scion Cryptograph Decryption Device Decrypted Message Empty Wooden Barrel Tough Tuskboar Meat Rock Salt Salted Meat Stinking Brew Liquid Key Libegration Stone Rope Prickly Wire Wood Scout's Report Branded Leather Charcoal Legend of Shakan Heroth's Letter Pirate Treasure Adarak's Pendant Halidom of Freedom Purifying Flame Installable Flame Bomb Seal Deactivation Scroll Sample from Dagon's Temple Herbal Potion Sealed Scroll Unsealed Scroll Scion Token Scion Records Encrypted Book Dementalith Shard Icy Heart Noble Eye Hypnotic Draught Rida's Letter Reckless Sedative Taera's Diary Scion Missives Mattin's Report Dig Journal Old Hammer Rusty Scissors Cave Charge Veritas Flask Potent Explosive Key to the Secluded Terrace Samael's Orders Kinias's Report Korvin's Report Caton's Report Deciphered Ledger Encrypted Ledger Gula Cipher Fake Cursed Lance Rida's Hair Argon-Gula Appurtenance Memento of the First Sacrifice Memento of the Second Sacrifice Memento of the Third Sacrifice Hypnotic Gemstone Morbolith Fragment Durignite Minespring Detrian's Sword Summoning Flute Fraya's Token Argon-Orcan Appurtenance Liquid Flame Darekuur's Orders Necromancy Device Key Shana's Report Elixir Base Essence of Agony Joy of Madness Mixed Elixir Virulent Mixed Elixir Nightmare Key Sheana's Inquiry Soul Mirror