Design: Top Notch Design: Battlestand Hauberk Design: Battlerage Hauberk Design: Fists of Doom Design: Clashtreads Design: Battledraw Vest Design: Battlecut Vest Design: Battlepierce Vest Design: Manglehands Design: Foe Kicks Design: Magewrap Design: Hexwrap Design: Hallowrap Design: Doomsleeves Design: Lifesleeves Design: War Slippers Caesura Liberty & Justice Bittertack Deep Wound Influence Wordspinner Sticking Point Quietude Woomwand Steelheart Hauberk Hookturners Cobblesteel Greaves Knightwave Vestments Honorbound Gloves Highborn Boots Aurefleece Robe Slayweave Sleeves Allayweave Sleeves Quiet Slippers Sweetsickle Once-Blessed & Twice-Blessed Privilance Revelblade Axe of the Chosen Eye of Favor Arcus Populus Preferalia Joywand Stormcrack Chestpiece Knightcrackers Knightkickers Quillkist Cuirass Whittlefave Gloves Travelfave Boots Godflare Robe Spellrant Sleeves Spellrave Sleeves Spelldance Slippers Drawblades Truly & Deeply Apex Scoopblade Optimaul Goodeye Star's Reach Benegnosis Top Notch Battlestand Hauberk Battlerage Hauberk Fists of Doom Clashtreads Battledraw Vest Battlecut Vest Battlepierce Vest Manglehands Foe Kicks Magewrap Hexwrap Hallowrap Doomsleeves Lifesleeves War Slippers Steelcrack Chestpiece Nimblekist Cuirass Spinkist Cuirass Mageflare Robe Titanflare Robe Reaper's Box of Prowess Warrior's Box of Prowess Lancer's Box of Prowess Slayer's Box of Prowess Berserker's Box of Prowess Sorcerer's Box of Prowess Archer's Box of Prowess Priest's Box of Prowess Mystic's Box of Prowess Reaper's Box of Agility Warrior's Box of Agility Lancer's Box of Agility Slayer's Box of Agility Berserker's Box of Agility Sorcerer's Box of Agility Archer's Box of Agility Priest's Box of Agility Mystic's Box of Agility Reaper's Box of Sturdiness Warrior's Box of Sturdiness Lancer's Box of Sturdiness Slayer's Box of Sturdiness Berserker's Box of Sturdiness Sorcerer's Box of Sturdiness Archer's Box of Sturdiness Priest's Box of Sturdiness Mystic's Box of Sturdiness Reaper's Box of Swiftness Warrior's Box of Swiftness Lancer's Box of Swiftness Slayer's Box of Swiftness Berserker's Box of Swiftness Sorcerer's Box of Swiftness Archer's Box of Swiftness Priest's Box of Swiftness Mystic's Box of Swiftness Retool Opportune: Steelcrack Chestpiece Retool Opportune: Nimblekist Cuirass Retool Opportune: Spinkist Cuirass Retool Opportune: Mageflare Robe Retool Opportune: Titanflare Robe Retool Opportune: Deathkist Cuirass Design: Battlereap Vest Body Armor Etching Design: Grounded I Faded Design Body Armor Etching Design: Relentless I Body Armor Etching Design: Unyielding I Body Armor Etching Design: Grounded II Faded Design Body Armor Etching Design: Relentless II Body Armor Etching Design: Unyielding II Body Armor Etching Design: Grounded III Faded Design Body Armor Etching Design: Relentless III Body Armor Etching Design: Unyielding III Weapon Etching Design: Pumped I Weapon Etching Design: Keen I Weapon Etching Design: Healing I Weapon Etching Design: Threatening I Weapon Etching Design: Energetic I Weapon Etching Design: Pumped II Weapon Etching Design: Keen II Weapon Etching Design: Healing II Weapon Etching Design: Threatening II Weapon Etching Design: Energetic II Weapon Etching Design: Pumped III