Ferocious Parthian Brooch Simple Empowered Brooch Empowered Brooch Fancy Parthian Brooch Simple Quickcarve Brooch Quickcarve Brooch Battle Reward Underturns Sleuth & Dare Contestation Refusalblade Trialender Insolens Suvivor's Reach Shacklestick Heretia Neverbend Mail Everrend Mail Contoum Gauntlets Fraytine Stompers Surgethrough Jacket Dirgethrough Jacket Purgethrough Jacket Scourgethrough Jacket Mutineer's Gloves Death Eluders Timecull Wrap Lifecull Wrap Tidecall Wrap Deadcall Sleeves Deedcalm Sleeves Contumace Shoes Simple Cleansing Brooch Cleansing Brooch Corsairs' Chest Kumas Goodie Box Claret Medallion Temple Medallion Wonder Ring Earthen Band Twist of Memory Anniversary Ring Snake's Coil More Than Friendship Ring Engagement Ring Frostcrystal Solitaire Wavy Hammered Ring Ringwright's Curse Twisted Knot of Wire Twist of Fate Fangmaw Ring Uncut Gemstone Student's Pledge Cleansing Swirl Hollow Icicle Ring of Sand Black Hole Curious Metal Band Vow of Respect Witchband Clearspirit Ring Citadel Signet Xeric Eye Ring Mark of the Underworld Vow of Retribution Eternity Band Hail Storm Ring Thermal Sink Star's Path Balder's Watchful Eye Elleon's Signet Ring Band of Faeries Cloudy Coil Pursuer's Ring Aquadrop Solitaire Deadly Coil Simple Red Band Ring of Control Ancient Wrapwork Band Band of Brothers Bloodmark Grasp Stark White Solitaire Royal Family Signet Signet of Unity Moonshiver Band Timepiece of Oblivion Warped Mirror Ring Circlet of Diligence Band of Courage Archaic Winding Pledge of Honor Ring of Agonizing Echoes Ring of Web Chambers Gift of Kindness Ring of Devotion Ring of the Great Rift Frostlace Filigree Ring Savior's Reward Ring of Despair Tomorrow's Promise Piercework Band Resounding Thunder Ring Lumescent Band Boarlord's Signet Spiderweave Band Frog King's Ring Mark of Atrocitas Ovolith Shell Pride of Heavens Fall Sprung Coil Opulent Signet Ring Conspirator's Ring Ring of Reversals Storm Lizard's Nose Ring Leto's Signet Band of Beltyrian Razorclaw Circlet Jursak's Mark of Agony Death's Right Finger Belkedreff's Ice Ring Dulagoras' Hollow Tooth Split Ring of Candarik Seeliemark Uggoteph's Shackle Frostheart Shell Thrall Caller Kshara's Ring Primus's Normetal Ring Tribune's Normetal Ring Prefect's Shadmetal Ring Legate's Shadmetal Ring Brigadier's Xermetal Ring Primus's Norsteel Band Tribune's Norsteel Band Prefect's Shadsteel Band Legate's Shadsteel Band Brigadier's Xersteel Band Primus's Victory Mark Tribune's Victory Mark Prefect's Victory Mark Legate's Victory Mark Brigadier's Victory Mark Prefect's Signet Legate's Signet Brigadier's Signet Anulum Arcanum Killian's Clutches Four Tethers of Lok Duchess's Family Signet