Spiderweave Earcuff Suncrystal Teardrop Pale Flower Stud Riftrock Earring Frostcrystal Earring Dangling Xermetal Scoop Inky Black Teardrop Bladed Stud Stacked Rainbow Dangle Sparking Earring Glowing Mistcrystal Trio Faerie's Hum Iceweb Earring Enormous Gaudy Earring Spray of Smokecrystal Dangle Earring of Cloudy Stones Earfall of Occluded Crystals Charred Piercing Stud Lover's Whisper Prototype's Bearing Horseshoe Earring Earring of Stars Carved Lavastone Earring Whisper of Envy Pirate's Stolen Earring Dangle of Ochre Beads Sharpened Bone Stud Earfall of Crystal Tears Showy Starcrystal Earring Occluded Mosscrystal Earring Pride's Whisper Chipped Bloodcrystal Heart Earfall of Frostcrystals Studded Trio of Dragoncrystals Reflecting Prism Earring Cuffed Chain Earring Primus's Normetal Earring Tribune's Normetal Earring Prefect's Shadmetal Earring Legate's Shadmetal Earring Brigadier's Xermetal Earring Primus's Norsteel Earcuff Tribune's Norsteel Earcuff Prefect's Shadsteel Earcuff Legate's Shadsteel Earcuff Brigadier's Xersteel Earcuff Primus's Norsteel Post Tribune's Norsteel Post Prefect's Shadsteel Post Legate's Shadsteel Post Brigadier's Xersteel Post Prefect's Stud Legate's Stud Brigadier's Stud Horn Hoop Labyrinthine Earcuff Hoop-wrapped Dragoncrystal Duke's Earring Lavastone Earring Feindishly Large Frostcrystal Earring Re-Nemesis Earring Tavernmaster's Earring Flamespinner's Earring Saleron's Earring Earring of the Ebon Tower Fall of Laughter Dangling Victory Talnarius's Clasp Insidious Hoop Nerop's Post Ring of Dulegus Dauntless Cuff Attor's Earring Aegis Cuff Earring of Vigor Caged Phoenix's Tear Baby's Sigh Caged Raindrop Distant Susurrus Caged Wind Carved Petal Sympathetic Earring Caged Curiosity Dangling Needle Argon Chain Cyasma Coil Hex Cry Sunder Ring Seething Whisper Pulse Drop Veined Band Dangling Fork Sprocket Ring Queen's Call Crown Jewels Queen's Signet Wind's Whisper Battle Torque Conquer Ring Conquer Ring Conquer Ring Thulsan Curio Chain of Deceit Bloodtouch Necklace Heartshare Pendant Gilded Wooden Carving Skull Pendant Oversized Locket Sanguine Throatshield String of Natural Beads Student's Lavalier Spurned Heart Medallion Fishtail Pendant Iridescent Scale Pendant Ancient Gorget Xermetal Neckguard Sealed Krymetal Locket Triple Strand of Bloodcrystal Beads Wiseleaf Pendant Crystal-studded Vadoma Pendant Steelskull Pendant Triple Strand of Mosscrystal Beads Entwined Vine Howling Cat Cameo Crossed Swords Pendant Whistle Pendant Linmetal Witch Chain Old Strand of Amber Gems Jade Mermaid Cameo Serpentine Shadmetal Chain Cascade of Mosscrystals Oriyn's Bell Pendant Bloodmoney Beads Naught Pendant Brushed Strand Gemdrop Torque Captured Wish Large Scarred Pendant Faerie Collar Black Pearl Choker Sanguine Ribbon Choker Strand of Bloodcrystals Spiked Chain Necklace Noble Family Lavalier Giant Pearl Pendant Lucky Charm Necklace Finely Crafted Cameo of Lok Knotted Crimson Krymetal Chain Faerie Charm Pendant