Balance Bar Stirring Rod Lancer's Plate Archer's Vest Sorcerer's Lab Coat Wile & Guile Thwartwise Beam Slippery Blade Locksaw Swindlemill Stormvolley Timetwist Staff Tricker's Wand Bluffbreak Mail Dull Grasps of the Core Dull Treads of the Core Truthtwister Jacket Dull Gloves of Boldness Dull Trackers of Boldness Weave of Intrigue Slykist Fingers Guilethread Slippers Mort & Vectigalia Tomb Breaker Heartsmear Blade Deathstained Axe Deathrattle Gravebow Inquest Bonemark Tomb Plate Deathstained Gauntlets Deathstained Greaves Bloodmar Jerkin Undertaker Gloves Gravewalkers Bloodmark Robe Cadaverous Fingers Sullied Shoes Slayer's Vest Warrior's Vest Berserker's Plate Mystic's Lab Coat Priest's Lab Coat Lasting Impression Legend & Lore Jagged Edge Slashback Learning Curve Vertigo Remembrance Epitaph Hard Lesson Dab Hands Echoing Footsteps Frame of Reference Foundation Primary Steps Abandonwear Forsaken Fingers Sidetrackers Seasoned Noctenium Ring Powerful Noctenium Ring Improved Noctenium Ring Sharp Noctenium Earring Heart's Defense Ring of Pain Band of Health Cascade of Desire Sunbeam Ring Sunset Band Seaglass Ring Ocean Band Beachcomber's Ring Coastal Band Sunshine Cuff Dawnside Earring Waterdrop Wavemarked Earring Seashell Earring Dune Cuff Bloodwise Band Bloodwise Signet Frostwise Band Frostwise Signet Deathwise Band Deathwise Signet Bloodwise Hoop Bloodwise Cascade Frostwise Hoop Frostwise Cascade Deathwise Hoop Deathwise Cascade Bloodwise Necklace Frostwise Necklace Deathwise Necklace Chroas's Scythes Chroas's Twin Swords Chroas's Lance Chroas's Greatsword Chroas's Axe Chroas's Disc Chroas's Bow Chroas's Staff Chroas's Scepter Chroas's Hauberk Chroas's Gauntlets Chroas's Greaves Chroas's Cuirass Chroas's Gloves Chroas's Boots Chroas's Robe Chroas's Sleeves Chroas's Shoes Chroas's Earrings Chroas's Necklace Chroas's Rings Sea Chest Kumas Candy Box Kumas Toybox Thermal Layer Hot Cider Early Bloodhoned Twin Swords Early Bloodhoned Lance Early Bloodhoned Greatsword Early Bloodhoned Axe Early Bloodhoned Disc Early Bloodhoned Bow Early Bloodhoned Staff Early Bloodhoned Scepter Early Bloodhoned Scythes Early Bloodhoned Hauberk Early Bloodhoned Strong Gauntlets Early Bloodhoned Ferocious Gauntlets Early Bloodhoned Greaves Early Bloodhoned Cuirass Early Bloodhoned Strong Gloves Early Bloodhoned Ferocious Gloves Early Bloodhoned Boots Early Bloodhoned Robe Early Bloodhoned Ferocious Sleeves Early Bloodhoned Fancy Sleeves Early Bloodhoned Shoes Bloodhoned Twin Swords Bloodhoned Lance Bloodhoned Greatsword Bloodhoned Axe Bloodhoned Disc Bloodhoned Bow