Deathstained Axe Deathrattle Gravebow Inquest Bonemark Tomb Plate Deathstained Gauntlets Deathstained Greaves Bloodmar Jerkin Undertaker Gloves Gravewalkers Bloodmark Robe Cadaverous Fingers Sullied Shoes Slayer's Vest Warrior's Vest Berserker's Plate Mystic's Lab Coat Priest's Lab Coat Scythe of the Sea Cuirass of the Sea Gloves of the Sea Boots of the Sea Twin Swords of the Sea Lance of the Sea Greatsword of the Sea Axe of the Sea Disc of the Sea Bow of the Sea Staff of the Sea Scepter of the Sea Hauberk of the Sea Gauntlets of the Sea Greaves of the Sea Cuirass of the Sea Gloves of the Sea Boots of the Sea Robe of the Sea Sleeves of the Sea Shoes of the Sea Earring of the Sea Necklace of the Sea Ring of the Sea Sea Chest Kumas Candy Box Kumas Toybox Thermal Layer Hot Cider Early Bloodhoned Twin Swords Early Bloodhoned Lance Early Bloodhoned Greatsword Early Bloodhoned Axe Early Bloodhoned Disc Early Bloodhoned Bow Early Bloodhoned Staff Early Bloodhoned Scepter Early Bloodhoned Scythes Early Bloodhoned Hauberk Early Bloodhoned Strong Gauntlets Early Bloodhoned Ferocious Gauntlets Early Bloodhoned Greaves Early Bloodhoned Cuirass Early Bloodhoned Strong Gloves Early Bloodhoned Ferocious Gloves Early Bloodhoned Boots Early Bloodhoned Robe Early Bloodhoned Ferocious Sleeves Early Bloodhoned Fancy Sleeves Early Bloodhoned Shoes Bloodhoned Twin Swords Bloodhoned Lance Bloodhoned Greatsword Bloodhoned Axe Bloodhoned Disc Bloodhoned Bow Bloodhoned Staff Bloodhoned Scepter Bloodhoned Scythes Bloodhoned Hauberk Bloodhoned Strong Gauntlets Bloodhoned Ferocious Gauntlets Bloodhoned Greaves Bloodhoned Cuirass Bloodhoned Strong Gloves Bloodhoned Ferocious Gloves Bloodhoned Boots Bloodhoned Robe Bloodhoned Ferocious Sleeves Bloodhoned Fancy Sleeves Bloodhoned Shoes Design: Bloodhoned Twin Swords Design: Bloodhoned Lance Design: Bloodhoned Greatsword Design: Bloodhoned Axe Design: Bloodhoned Disc Design: Bloodhoned Bow Design: Bloodhoned Staff Design: Bloodhoned Scepter Design: Bloodhoned Scythes Design: Bloodhoned Hauberk Design: Bloodhoned Strong Gauntlets Design: Bloodhoned Ferocious Gauntlets Design: Bloodhoned Greaves Design: Bloodhoned Cuirass Design: Bloodhoned Strong Gloves Design: Bloodhoned Ferocious Gloves Design: Bloodhoned Boots Design: Bloodhoned Robe Design: Bloodhoned Ferocious Sleeves Design: Bloodhoned Fancy Sleeves Design: Bloodhoned Shoes Retool Bloodhoned: Flash & Flair Retool Bloodhoned: Gallantrix Retool Bloodhoned: Deathwedge Retool Bloodhoned: Doommallet Retool Bloodhoned: Salante Retool Bloodhoned: Encore Retool Bloodhoned: Infusia Retool Bloodhoned: Asymmia Retool Bloodhoned: Pridehook Retool Bloodhoned: Tumesced Chestplate Retool Bloodhoned: Pridefists Retool Bloodhoned: Prodfists Retool Bloodhoned: Offsteps Retool Bloodhoned: Coat of Gravitas Retool Bloodhoned: Winsome Hands Retool Bloodhoned: Wicked Hands Retool Bloodhoned: Parade Jackboots Retool Bloodhoned: Eclattire Retool Bloodhoned: Hatemonger Sleeves Retool Bloodhoned: Honorific Sleeves Retool Bloodhoned: Embellished Slippers Retool Patron: Snip & Snap Retool Patron: Judicial Bar Retool Patron: Trailcutter Retool Patron: Zigsaw Retool Patron: Overstander Retool Patron: Timepiercer Retool Patron: Perdure Retool Patron: Hasterwand Retool Patron: Scoring Scythes Retool Patron: Rant & Rave Retool Patron: Smashdom Retool Patron: Wistbreaker Retool Patron: Warmaul Retool Patron: Zanngyre Retool Patron: Barbee Skewer Retool Patron: Guiltbind Retool Patron: Gibberstick