Stanchion of the Risen Darksome Blade Dark-Winged Axe Darkle Arc Mean Delivery Infernal Staff Darkrise Rod Hauberk of Anguish Claws of Death Paincrushers Wingleather Vest Grips of the Infernal Bloodtrimmed Steps Slinky Robe Slippery Fingers Nightsteps Cathode & Anode Deathwinder Switchblade Abradax Wheelwork Mainspring Drive Lever Tie Rod Hypoid Plate Chain Spreaders Suspension Pressers Retaining Straps Tension Handlers Cyasma Chargers Oilcloth Wrap Pawl Arms Invasion Idlers Slander & Libel Chaosium Unraveler Conspirator's Axe Unwinding Addlespring Pandemonia Spire of Discord Strifeguard Feudkist Fists Treads of Turbulence Timerend Vest Hands of Unease Sundersteps Thulsan Robe Tear-Away Sleeves Jumbletoes Simper & Seethe Focalpoint Sightrazor Visioncutter Blood Iris Vision Piercer Pulseminder Scleral Rod Rage Cage Scar Casings Redsight Stompers Veinwrap Eye Scratchers Pulsesteps Bloodvision Shroud Arterial Sleeves Serum Slippers Ridge & Rift Cleftwedge Rendfall Voidcutter Disc Obscura Boundless Reach Fatebender Baton of the Abyss Infernal Warplate Rift Fists Engrafters Voidlaced Cuirass Chasmhold Gloves Everfall Leapers Everneath Gown Fuliginous Fingers Vertiginous Heels Mort & Vectigalia Tomb Breaker Heartsmear Blade Deathstained Axe Deathrattle Gravebow Inquest Bonemark Tomb Plate Deathstained Gauntlets Deathstained Greaves Bloodmar Jerkin Undertaker Gloves Gravewalkers Bloodmark Robe Cadaverous Fingers Sullied Shoes Research & Inquiry Tower of Evidence Mindslash Secret Carver Scholarly Circle Reach of Knowledge Insight Shrewd Judgment Scriven Mail Grips of Understanding Footholds Harness of Understanding Gloves of Acumen Boots of Record Smartypants Scribe's Fingers Steps of Knowledge Celebration & Jubilation Pinnacle of Victory Winnerwrath Heightfall Winner's Circle Rain of Laurels Gloria Triumph Standard Ascendant Armorplate Overreach Victory Marchers Overcoat of Confidence Gloves of the Victor Indefatigable Boots Garment of Glory Haught Bracelets Domination Steps Judge & Jury Titanic Clash Adversarial Steel Pyrecutter Tusslesong Wave of Arrows Battle Staff Prolix Pressure Plate Battle Grasps Stormtreads Fraywind Tunic Abate Mitts Tumult Dodgers