Plagueborn Boots Frostwrath Robes Frostwrath Sleeves Frostwrath Leggings Nepir's Silky Ice Hauberk Nepir's Silky Ice Gauntlets Nepir's Silky Ice Greaves Nepir's Patriot Cuirass Nepir's Patriot Leather Gloves Nepir's Patriot Boots Nepir's Spectre Robe Nepir's Spectre Gloves Nepir's Spectre Shoes Warplate of Eissej Warfists of Eissej Wargreaves of Eissej First Ranger's Jerkin First Ranger's Gloves First Ranger's Boots Robe of Serion Sleeves of Serion Serion's Slippers Breastplate of the Vanquisher Tyrant's Fists Greaves of the Conqueror Capo Fero's Jerkin Thibault's Grips Inigo's Fencing Boots Robes of Syldranas Feysleeves Nyberi's Sylph Slippers T3인던보상_토큰 중갑 T3인던보상_토큰 중갑 장갑 T3인던보상_토큰 중갑 신발 T3인던보상_토큰 경갑 T3인던보상_토큰 경갑 장갑 T3인던보상_토큰 경갑 신발 T3인던보상_토큰 로브 T3인던보상_토큰 글러브 T3인던보상_토큰 슈즈 Armor of the Unbroken Jacket of Lurid Dreams Robes of the Dream Dimension Grips of Ancient Empires Greaves of the High Ground Hands of Time-Lost Wisdom Boots of Eternal Vigil Fingers of Ancient Masters Slippers of the Long Way Home Warmonger Chestpiece Battleborn Grips Cometstomps Blusterdance Coat Letter Makers Trickster's Steps Dreamsage Tunic Frostsilk Wrappings Curative Shoes Quietus Plate Napcatchers Hypnopath Slumber Jacket Sandman's Grip Fatigued Boots Nightgown Dormancers Night Slippers Dreamguard Hauberk Fumarolic Fists Demonstomps Judgment's Overcoat Chimeric Clutches Lorekeeper's Boots Northern Robe Resonance Cuffs Pondering Pathers Determinus Plate Chainbreakers Darkpath Treaders Unshackled Vest Deathgrips Boots of No Return Solacewrap Mourning Fingers Sorrowpathers Sonomail Deathreach Cruralogies Duskpelt Prehens Countersteps Nightshift Tracesleeves Trimblefeet Morphenal Plate Bloodfeast Gauntlets Dreamcrusher Treads Sominus Lapvest Dreamgrasps Xanadan Boots Robe of Beatitudes Wispclutchers Sleepwalkers Polarity Platemail Skyrippers Everchargers Riven Tunic Fractal Gloves Worldwalker Boots Beyonder Robe Skytorn Sleeves Walk of Confidence Forgefused Hauberk Hands of Destruction Victory Steps Voidmeld Vest Wave of Triumph Quantum Leapers Hollowheart Robe Synergistic Sleeves Surcease Sandals Curiosity Top Rubble Rakes Muddy Waders Perplexing Vest Gravel Grabbers Dirty Boots Mystique Fragment Fingers Soiled Shoes Frozen Steelplate Lambent Vambraces Kumaswake Treads Desertscourge Overwrap Groundswell Grasps Horizon Runners Kaeli Raiments Sleeves of the Seer Slippers of Seduction Celestial Plate Wingripper Gauntlets Treads of the Phoenix Nightwarden's Cuirass Desiccating Grips Escapist's Boots Feywarden Robe Watcher's Idle Hands Slippers of the Scholar Warmaster Plate