Burnished Cuirass Phoenixreach Dualpaths Shadowskin Splintergrasp Darksteps Jester's Bloodveil Blacktalon Deathstamps Unmottled Motley Spinetwisters Trips of Laughter Shimmergown Trillsleeves Whimsypeds Bonemarrow Battlesuit Dreamrippers Bleakpathers Sanguine Bath Mischief Makers Boots of Devilry Necromorph Wrap Deathcry Fingers Wickedsteps Winterscale Flamebinders Frigid Greaves Spinal Wrap Deathsnap Gloves Doomwalkers Phoenixwake Coolhands Icetrippers Attuned Exquisite Plate Attuned Exquisite Gauntlets Attuned Exquisite Greaves Attuned Exquisite Cuirass Attuned Exquisite Gloves Attuned Exquisite Boots Attuned Exquisite Robe Attuned Exquisite Sleeves Attuned Exquisite Shoes Mail of the Lidless Eye Vigil Vambraces Bleakwatch Greaves Harness of the Lidless Eye Vigil Grips Bleakwatch Boots Tunic of the Lidless Eye Vigil Wraps Bleakwatch Sandals Profiteer's Plate Goldseeker's Grasps Treasure Treaders Coinhound's Coat Greedy Mitts Tomb Waders Gold-Digger's Robe Silversure Hands Jeweled Sandals Moorfrost Mail Chill Vambraces Winterwind Treads Frostwind Greatcoat Frostbit Mittens Snowdrift Steppers Snowfang Cloak Icy Fingers Frostglide slippers Lordly Mail Victor's Vambraces Neckstompers Lapvest of Conquest Gloves of the Iron Fist Boots of Overrunning Robes of Mastery Hands of Power Subjugator's Slippers Stagbreaker's Breastplate Boarlance Fists Goreproof Greaves Wildeye Jerkin Gloves of the Provider Tracker's Trackers Forester's Robes Snaresetter's Sleeves Stagfinder's Shoes Dragonscale Mail Giantkiller Gauntlets Golem Crushers Jalmarak Jerkin Orisk Mitts Kumas Kickers Rachnosilk Robes Wraithcloth Sleeves Boskfiber Leggings Exquisite Plate Exquisite Gauntlets Exquisite Greaves Exquisite Cuirass Exquisite Gloves Exquisite Boots Exquisite Robe Exquisite Sleeves Exquisite Shoes Nemesis Plate Nemesis Fists Nemesis Greaves Scourge Jerkin Pestilence Grips Plagueborn Boots Frostwrath Robes Frostwrath Sleeves Frostwrath Leggings Nepir's Silky Ice Hauberk Nepir's Silky Ice Gauntlets Nepir's Silky Ice Greaves Nepir's Patriot Cuirass Nepir's Patriot Leather Gloves Nepir's Patriot Boots Nepir's Spectre Robe Nepir's Spectre Gloves Nepir's Spectre Shoes Warplate of Eissej Warfists of Eissej Wargreaves of Eissej First Ranger's Jerkin First Ranger's Gloves First Ranger's Boots Robe of Serion Sleeves of Serion Serion's Slippers Breastplate of the Vanquisher Tyrant's Fists Greaves of the Conqueror Capo Fero's Jerkin Thibault's Grips Inigo's Fencing Boots Robes of Syldranas Feysleeves Nyberi's Sylph Slippers Armor of the Unbroken Jacket of Lurid Dreams Robes of the Dream Dimension Grips of Ancient Empires Greaves of the High Ground Hands of Time-Lost Wisdom Boots of Eternal Vigil Fingers of Ancient Masters