Gauntlets of Gloom Twilight Greaves Midnight Cuirass Darkness Grips Tenebrous Treads Robes of Akia Handwraps of Shadow Shade Slippers Hauberk of the Deceiver Gauntlets of Chicanery Greaves of Deceit Jerkin of Treachery Grips of Guile Terkasia's Boots Robes of Terkasia Cuffs of Deception Slippers of the Sly Hauberk of Defiance Kaidun's Grips Truculent Greaves Glutton's Vest Gloves of Greed Ravenous Treads Vestments of Valor Fraya's Cuffs Slippers of Rapacity Labyrinthine Breastplate Berylheart's Gauntlets Greaves of the Labyrinth Covetous Jerkin Gulsig's Gloves Boots of Envy Robes of the Labyrinth Handwraps of Avarice Slippers of the Seer Darkheart Breastplate Gauntlets of Tribulation Greaves of Struggle Harness of the Fiend Gloves of Torment Boots of Travail Deathshroud Handwraps of Affliction Soul Slippers Hauberk of Slaughter Gauntlets of Gore Greaves of Agony Harness of Vardas Deathtouch Gloves Treads of the Decimator Robes of Annihilation Carnage Handwraps Slippers of Slaying Signing Bonus Hauberk Swineherd's Gauntlets Tree Trimmer's Treads Signing Bonus Cuirass Swineherd's Gloves Tree Trimmer's Workboots Signing Bonus Tunic Swineherd's Wraps Tree Trimmer's Workshoes Hauberk of Family Ties Rockhound Gauntlets Nivek's Sturdy Footwear Cuirass of Family Ties Rockhound Gloves Nivek's Best Boots Robes of Family Ties Rockhound Handwraps Nivek's Slippers Solar Chestplate Sun-Dripped Grips Cloudkickers Skyclaw Jerkin Skyclaw Gloves Skyrunners Twilight Wrap Twilight Fingers Skywalker Leggings Monstrous Mail Gauntlets of Savagery Fiendish Greaves Cuirass of Viciousness Gloves of Ferocity Boots of the Beast Robes of the Brute Heinous Handwraps Savage Shoes Hauberk of the Hunter Forager Fists Explorer's Greaves Jerkin of the Tracker Gloves of the Predator Boots of Earned Bounty Robes of the Pursuer Sleeves of the Seeker Shoes of the Trail Mystery Mail Gauntlets of Chance Venturesome Greaves Mystified Jerkin Gloves of the Key Aperio Boots Robes of Dark Glamor Arcane Sleeves Nemesis Slippers Scolarus Mail Gauntlets of the Sage Greaves of the Savant Scolasticus Jerkin Noctus Gloves Boots of Arcanum Headmaster's Robes Scholar's Sleeves Tutor's Shoes Oracle's Chestplate Fists of Fate Provident Greaves Tunic of Paradox Gloves of the Wheel Boots of Happenstance Numinous Robes Whispering Sleeves Shoes of the Sphinx Hauberk of Intersection Gauntlets of Interdiction Greaves of the Literator Bookleather Cuirass Scribneor's Gloves Civilized Boots Scholar's Robes Academic Handwraps Shoes of the Augur Cryptic Hauberk Orphic Gauntlets Recondite Greaves Cloudbreaker Cuirass Skyglower Gloves Sunray Boots Skyburst Robes Firebolt Sleeves Cyclonic Shoes Delphian Hauberk Calignous Gauntlets Cimmerian Greaves Calligo Cuirass Nimbus Gloves Luculentus Boots