Attuned Shadsteel Trader's Grips Attuned Crossroad Shadtreads Attuned Stoppleshot Hemejerkin Attuned Cutler's Hemeleather Gloves Attuned Dark Hemeleather Waders Attuned Gamer's Toirasuit Attuned Toira Lightfingers Attuned Baybi's New Shoes Attuned Embellished Xersteel Bladearmor Attuned Skyfraught Gauntlets Attuned Xersteel Downtreads Attuned Hemeleather Tunic of Salvation Attuned Glistening Sandgloves Attuned Hemeleather Backboots Attuned Toira Winterlace Robes Attuned Warm Toira Handwraps Attuned Insulated Shoes of the Ice-Bound Traveler Linsteel Hauberk of the Capricious Linmail Gauntlets of Mocking Blows Fancy Footwork Greaves Boscleather Fount Cuirass Vibrant Gloves of the Fount Boots of Nature's Fount Nightfall Sylvacloth Rainment Sylvasleeves of Nightfall Nightfall Shoes Codex-bound Norsteel Hauberk Normail Gauntlets of the Codex Heavy Norsteel Greaves Fur-lined Marleather Vestment Marleather Gloves of the Icebound Furry Marleather Boots Diamondpierced Shetlarobe Cutwork Shetlacloth Sleeves Holey Shoes of Justice Hauberk of Lofty Ambitions Norsteel Cloudreachers Grounded Normail Greaves Glitterwake Marjerkin Protective Marleather Gloves Boots of a Trillion Crystals Shetlacloth Winterlace Robes Luxurious Shetlacloth Snowsleeves Shetlalined Wintershoes Brilliant Foldsteel Chestpiece Windgrip Shadsteel Gauntlets Shadsteel Dodgers Strappy Totemic Cuirass Scar-proof Bloodhide Gauntlets Hemeleather Combat Stompers Robes of the Roving Noble Sleeves of Inky Depths Deep of Night Stockings Hammered Shadsteel Hauberk Forgeshadow Gauntlets Delver's Shadow Greaves Imbricated Hemepanel Cuirass Umber Hemeleather Gloves Caver's Hemeleather Boots Tenebrex Coilneck Toirarobe Toirasleeves of Deep Rivers Toirapaneled Shoes of Tranquility Pauldroned Xersteel Breastplate Sanguine Xerscale Gauntlets Bloodteared Xermail Greaves Chattermark Cuirass of the Fanatic Cereleather Gloves of Immersion Submergable Cereleather Boots Luriacloth Moire Tunic Dappleshine Luriacloth sleeves Shoes of the Serendipitous Tenebrescent Highcollar Hauberk Oil-dipped Xermail Gauntlets Well-oiled Xermail Greaves Venomous Darted Vestments Cereleather Vipergrips Cereleather Fangboots Vesper's Wake Skycaller Sleeves Shoes of the Uprising Attuned Linsteel Hauberk of the Capricious Attuned Linmail Gauntlets of Mocking Blows Attuned Fancy Footwork Greaves Attuned Boscleather Fount Cuirass Attuned Vibrant Gloves of the Fount Attuned Boots of Nature's Fount Attuned Nightfall Sylvacloth Rainment Attuned Sylvasleeves of Nightfall Attuned Nightfall Shoes Attuned Codex-bound Norsteel Hauberk Attuned Normail Gauntlets of the Codex Attuned Heavy Norsteel Greaves Attuned Fur-lined Marleather Vestment Attuned Marleather Gloves of the Icebound Attuned Furry Marleather Boots Attuned Diamondpierced Shetlarobe Attuned Cutwork Shetlacloth Sleeves Attuned Holey Shoes of Justice Attuned Hauberk of Lofty Ambitions Attuned Norsteel Cloudreachers Attuned Grounded Normail Greaves Attuned Glitterwake Marjerkin Attuned Protective Marleather Gloves Attuned Boots of a Trillion Crystals Attuned Shetlacloth Winterlace Robes Attuned Luxurious Shetlacloth Snowsleeves Attuned Shetlalined Wintershoes Attuned Brilliant Foldsteel Chestpiece Attuned Windgrip Shadsteel Gauntlets Attuned Shadsteel Dodgers Attuned Strappy Totemic Cuirass Attuned Scar-proof Bloodhide Gauntlets Attuned Hemeleather Combat Stompers Attuned Robes of the Roving Noble Attuned Sleeves of Inky Depths Attuned Deep of Night Stockings Attuned Hammered Shadsteel Hauberk Attuned Forgeshadow Gauntlets Attuned Delver's Shadow Greaves Attuned Imbricated Hemepanel Cuirass Attuned Umber Hemeleather Gloves Attuned Caver's Hemeleather Boots Attuned Tenebrex Coilneck Toirarobe Attuned Toirasleeves of Deep Rivers Attuned Toirapaneled Shoes of Tranquility Attuned Pauldroned Xersteel Breastplate Attuned Sanguine Xerscale Gauntlets Attuned Bloodteared Xermail Greaves Attuned Chattermark Cuirass of the Fanatic Attuned Cereleather Gloves of Immersion Attuned Submergable Cereleather Boots Attuned Luriacloth Moire Tunic Attuned Dappleshine Luriacloth sleeves Attuned Shoes of the Serendipitous Attuned Tenebrescent Highcollar Hauberk Attuned Oil-dipped Xermail Gauntlets Attuned Well-oiled Xermail Greaves Attuned Venomous Darted Vestments Attuned Cereleather Vipergrips Attuned Cereleather Fangboots Attuned Vesper's Wake Attuned Skycaller Sleeves Attuned Shoes of the Uprising Shadowfolded Norsteel Breastplate Vivid Normail Gauntlets Solferino Normail Treads Totemic Inkbretelle Cuirass Straplasher Gloves Traveler's Creepers