Clawblunter Hauberk Woodrazor Gauntlets Bloodguard Greaves Clawblunter Jerkin Razorhide gloves Bloodtanned Boots Clawblunter Vestments Razorsweep Wraps Thirstweb Shoes Shrinewarden's Mail Vambraces of Purity Greaves of Purity Shrinewarden's Jerkin Consecrator's Gloves Consecrator's Boots Shrinewarden's Robe Flamepurge Hands Flamepurge Shoes Bluefrost Corsair's Mail Tempest's Frozen Fists Icebrine Greaves Bluefrost Corsair's Jerkin Frostbit Mate's Mitts Mariner's Rime-Boots Bluefrost Corsair's Robes Frozen Crow's Fingers Icegrip Slippers Headsman's Frostmail Icelock Vambraces Avalanche Treads Headsman's Frosty Jerkin Steelcold Gloves Ridgerunner Boots Headsman's Frostrobes Blackfrost Sleeves Snowhungry Shoes Motley Mail of Torment Grips of Maniacal Laughter Greaves of Grief Jester's Grim Brigandine Gloves of Gallowglee Squealing Boots Robes of the Last Laugh Gigglefingers Hotfoot Shoes Hauberk of Eldritch Woe Eldritch Gauntlets Reaver's Footfalls Reftleather Cuirass Stranglehowl Gloves Eldritch Jackboots Wraithwrath Robes Woebetide Sleeves Charsmoke Shoes Hauberk of the Last Inch Trust's Vambraces Loyalty's Greaves Cuirass of the Last Inch Honor's Bracers Boots of Defiance Robes of the Last Inch Mercy's Velvet Hands Soulgird Shoes Icelord's Breastplate Glittersmash Gauntlets Frostheave Greaves Icelord's Jerkin Flakefoe Gloves Driftstrider Boots Frost Shaman's Robes Snowcloak Sleeves Blackbranch Leggings Flamegullet Hauberk Burrowclaw Gauntlets Slitherweb Treads Flamegullet Cuirass Rasptooth Gloves Slimetrail Boots Flamegullet Robes Juggerslug Sleeves Flamecrawler Shoes Malefactor's Hauberk Clawhammer Fists Tramplehoof Treads Malefactor's Brigandine Flayflesh Gloves Clawtoed Jackboots Malefactor's Raiment Malignant Wraps Sandals of Conquest Arachnenbane Breastplate Gauntlets of the Fang Templar's Greaves Indigo Skin of Power Arachnen Mitts Dread Treads Sanguine Amber Robes Sleeves of Cunning Slippers of Silence Malbinogg Hauberk Gauntlets of Malevolence Dracoscale Greaves Raptor's Cuirass Dracoskin Gloves Nightmare Creepers Maleficent Vestments Handwraps of Wrath Wicked Slippers Pincerbane Hauberk Carapace Gauntlets Greaves of the Ravager Cuirass of the Hunter Gloves of the Stalker Boots of the Predator Robes of Desecration Unholy Sleeves Threadwalker Slippers Frostreaver Plate Chillscourge Gauntlets Icecrusher Greaves Icewalker Jerkin Coldheart Gloves Frostwalker Boots Frostbound Robes Frostward Handwraps Iceheart Slippers Hauberk of the Wraith Gauntlets of the Grave Soulstompers Cuirass of the Spectre Soultouch Gloves Thrakatul's Treads Robes of the Soul Deathtouch Handwraps Boots of the Void Ducal Breastplate Madness Grasps Chaotic Stompers Jhokar's Jerkin Ghetta Grips Cruel Creepers Anarxis Robes Cuffs of Chaos Jhokar's Slippers Hauberk of Nagthelob Gauntlets of the Reaver Greaves of the Destroyer Harness of the Reaver Nagahide Gloves