Longshot Radiant Arrow Longshot Penetrating Arrow Empowered Penetrating Arrow Test Lingering Slow Trap Lingering Stunning Trap Slowing Arrow Sapping Arrow Piercing Arrow Slick Radiant Arrow Slick Penetrating Arrow Persistent Rapid Fire Energetic Backstep Energetic Feign Death Empowered Retaliate Energetic Rain of Arrows Energetic Breakaway Bolt Empowered Incendiary Trap Lingering Web Arrow Energetic Retaliate Test Lingering Poison Arrow Influential Sniper's Eye Lingering Restraining Arrow Influential Velik's Mark Influential Arrow Volley Powerlinked Breakaway Bolt Fleetfooted Web Arrow Energetic Restraining Arrow Sapping Restraining Arrow Lingering Velik's Mark Blazing Velik's Mark Persistent Arrow Volley Blazing Arrow Volley Empowered Close Quarters Spirited Rapid Fire Energetic Sequential Fire Fleetfooted Breakaway Bolt Test Regenerating Feign Death Powerlinked Incendiary Trap Empowered Rain of Arrows Blazing Stunning Trap Blazing Arrow Volley Blazing Poison Arrow Blazing Sequential Fire Empowered Penetrating Arrow Slick Penetrating Arrow Slick Radiant Arrow Energetic Backstep Longshot Penetrating Arrow Lingering Slow Trap Blazing Arrow Volley Blazing Arrow Volley Persistent Arrow Volley Regenerating Feign Death Sanative Radiant Arrow Carving Radiant Arrow Fleetfooted Close Quarters Lingering Close Quarters Slowing Breakaway Bolt Energetic Stunning Trap Arrow Energetic Snare Empowered Incendiary Trap Arrow Energetic Stunning Trap Arrow Carving Thunderbolt Empowered Incendiary Trap Arrow Energetic Breakaway Bolt Energetic restraining Arrow Empowered Rapid Fire Hastened Rain of Arrows Balancing Tenacity Balancing Tenacity Spirited Tenacity Energetic Tenacity Energetic Tenacity Hastened Thunderbolt Empowered Thunderbolt Empowered Thunderbolt Longshot Radiant Arrow Lingering Stunning Trap Fleetfooted Web Arrow Energetic Sequential Fire Empowered Rain of Arrows Longshot Penetrating Arrow Persistent Arrow Volley Carving Radiant Arrow Carving Thunderbolt Empowered Incendiary Trap Arrow Hastened Thunderbolt Empowered Thunderbolt Persistent Sequential Fire Energetic Chase Carving Penetrating Arrow Empowered Wind Walk Multiplicative Titanic Favor Energetic Vow of Rebirth Multiplicative Arun's Cleansing Lingering Shara's Lash Lingering Ancient Binding Test Test Brilliant Aura of the Merciless Brilliant Aura of the Swift Empowered Sharan Bolt Empowered Metamorphic Blast Test Spirited Corruption Ring Grounding Corruption Ring Energetic Teleport Jaunt Spirited Mana Infusion Past Glyph Shard Empowered Retaliate Energetic Metamorphic Smite Energetic Thrall of Protection Test Energetic Thrall of Life Brilliant Summon: Group Brilliant Resurrect Lingering Volley of Curses Energetic Resurrect Energetic Retaliate Brilliant Sonorous Dreams Energetic Regression Energetic Mire Energetic Curse of Exhaustion Lingering Curse of Confusion Influential Metamorphic Smite Influential Volley of Curses Influential Corruption Ring Multiplicative Volley of Curses Numbing Ancient Binding Empowered Metamorphic Smite Energetic Summon: Group Hastened Mana Infusion Blazing Arun's Tears Empowered Thrall of Vengeance Fortified Thrall of Vengeance Lingering Thrall of Vengeance Hastened Resurrect Empowered Thrall of Protection Fortified Thrall of Protection Blazing Teleport Jaunt Blazing Teleport Jaunt Energetic Thrall of Wrath Empowered Thrall of Wrath Hastened Thrall of Wrath Altruistic Vow of Rebirth Blazing Arun's Vitae