Frostvine Crimson Shard Xanthic Shard Azure Shard Aetherduct Dismalweed Suspicious Crate Contaminated Well Dropwort Astrocorn Fungus Azurebond Stalk Orcan Jerky Red Dogbane Victim's Remains Mysterious Lab Item Mummified Remains Spider Egg Sac Adderfungus Eldritch Shard Dagon's Tablet Naga Egg Deathblossom Food Sack Dead Body Crate of Mana Ore Dead Lamb Strelitzia Stack of Weapons Defender's Corpse Malodorous Flower Rytenstone Giant Relics Salixia Flower Toolbox Blooddrop Mushroom Prion's Treasure Argon Supply Crate Moon Shadow Plant Stone Box Moonlight Lotus Lamenting Grass Arkai's Egg Box of Vision Spiritlace Faerie Relics Shadow Mushroom Mekonari Bloodtomb Sikandari Egg Frozen Corpse Tearroot Glacial Ice Bone Pile Wine Barrel Autumn Mushroom Horn Mound Crimson Shard Eclipse Thistle Oversized Hydranea Argon Construction Tools Contaminated Mushroom Argonized Plant Duckweed Argonite Ore Mutated Plant Mutated Mushroom Mutated Flower Expedition Member's Corpse Box of Parts Lime Deposit Blatherweed Baraka Soldier Corpse Relativity Stone Mysterious Ore Cart Moaloth Egg Grave Goods Reflective Root Vanguard Supply Crate Engine Piece Missing Garrison Supplies Corpse-Lash Flower Cyasma Cylinder Casian's New Sprout Kanstria Outrider's Corpse Fyrdras Ore Destroyed Argon Component Siege Cannon Component Cadmiel Mushroom Ancient Legacy Fallen Shariar Blood Crystal Cultist Weapon Chest Explorer's Chest Stinking Mud Sand Pile Sarberry Fleabane Luria Plant Crystallized Plant Hemostas Plant Omphalos Relic Hornblossom Floretta Taproot Flame Pepper Cobseed Mudroot Moongourd Sky Lotus Flame Pepper Cobseed Cobseed Moongourd Shevranberry Struthio Egg Pond Lily Veridia Plant Ice Chunk Barrel Bomb Sloth Excreta Temple Weeds Trash Snowball Da Bomb Swift Evasive Roll Energetic Retaliate Energetic Death From Above Test Threatening Combo Attack Empowered Rain of Blows Empowered Leaping Strike Virulent Poison Blade Rigid Defensive Stance Empowered Retaliate Influential Retaliate Spirited Combo Attack Swift Death From Above Affirmative Evasive Roll Energetic Vortex Slash Restorative Rain of Blows Sanative Combative Strike Empowered Vortex Slash Energetic Charging Slash Test Persistent Rising Fury Energetic Smoke Aggressor Lingering Backstab Energetic Deadly Gamble Empowered Spinning Counter Brilliant Cascade of Stuns