Amplification Trample Turning Tables Strengthen Reload Strengthen Strengthen Strengthen Chained Speed Skating Force Extra-Force Strengthen Combat Dash Strengthen Blood Leech Strengthen Wound Strengthen Reload Recharge Vigor Constancy Velocity Vengeful Pummel Speed Skating: Retribution Strengthen Impact Velocity Amplification Protection Strengthen Reload Turning Tables Strengthen Fatal Blow Strengthen Insult Turning Tables Strengthen Trample Strengthen Purification Constancy Force Extra-Force Strengthen Spirit of Iron Strengthen Recovery Recycle Strengthen Wound Reload Combat Speed Up Spirit of Iron Strengthen Finish Wound Reload Strengthen Velocity Critical Pummel Combat Speed Up Strengthen Trample Turning Tables Strengthen Wound Strengthen Chained Speed Skating Strengthen Recharge Strengthen Combat Speed Up Chained Speed Skating Velocity Strengthen Desperate Pummel Spirit of Iron Amplification Strengthen Fresh Start Recharge Strengthen Counter Force Extra-Force Speed Skating: Axe Counter Strengthen Combat Speed Up Speed Skating Strengthen Constancy Chained Speed Skating Insult Strengthen Acceleration Blood Leech Trample Turning Tables Strengthen Over-Recharge Strengthen Recharge Constant Recharge Spirit of Iron Mental Strength Strengthen Reload Combat Speed Up Strengthen Strengthen Chained Speed Skating Strengthen Reload Strengthen Wound Strengthen Strengthen Frostbite Constancy Strengthen Strengthen Burnt Wound Finish Strengthen Burnt Wound Amplification Constant Recharge Amplification Recycle Strengthen Propulsion Strengthen Reload Turning Tables Speed Skating: Traps Strengthen Strengthen Frostbite Strengthen Burnt Wound Burnt Wound Burning Flame Strengthen Frostbite Reload Combat Dash Strengthen