Wrath of Spirits Strengthen Strengthen Over-Absorption Propulsion Strengthen Propulsion Decelerate Velocity Reload Combat Speed Up Strengthen Propulsion Velocity Stigma Synergy Protection Blessing Combat Dash Mana Volley Recovery Curse Strengthened Summon Combat Dash Strengthened Summon Group Pummel Acceleration Effect Trample Strengthen Strengthen Propulsion Strengthen Velocity Strengthen Strengthen Combat Speed Up Strengthen Velocity Strengthen Trample Velocity Strengthen Reload Combat Speed Up Strengthen Velocity Critical Pummel Strengthen Velocity Strengthen Chained Speed Skating Turning Tables Strengthen Propulsion Chained Speed Skating Force Extra-Force Protection Combat Dash Protection Chained Speed Skating Strengthen Outrage Strengthen Propulsion Strengthen Strengthen Force Extra-Force Strengthen Fatal Blow Strengthen Fatal Blow Reload Strengthen Strengthen Constancy Reload Strengthen Propulsion Amplification Turning Tables Combat Speed Up Chained Speed Skating Propulsion Strengthen Complete Counter Strengthen Reload Strengthen Strengthen Reload Reload Strengthen Fatal Blow Strengthen Propulsion Strengthen Pummel Turning Tables Amplification Trample Strengthen Chained Fatal Blow Strengthen Almighty Strengthen Reload Outrage Combat Speed Up Enchant Reload Combat Speed Up Enchant Reload Counter Enchant Reload Enchant Enchant Reload Counter Enchant Velocity Enchant Burnt Wound Spirit of Iron Protection Turning Tables Concentration Speed Up Enchant Reload Enchant Trample Enchant Bleeding Force Extra-Force Enchant Propulsion Enchant Blood Leech Wound Outrage Enchant Velocity Enchant Enchant Enchant Reload