Plain Stone Cobala Ore Shadmetal Ore Xermetal Ore Normetal Ore Galborne Ore Achromic Essence Crimson Essence Earth Essence Azure Essence Opal Essence Obsidian Essence Discarded Research Sticky Grass Felled Timber Cloud Mushroom Orcan Rations Sweet Hayblossom Barley Sack Merchant's Luggage Baetylith Merchant's Chest Brigand Supplies Basilisk Egg Sorrow Flower Toolbox Sickly Crops A Folk Remedy Khamala Toruan Bloodpetal Dewdrop Bush Instructor's Chest Giant Relics Weapon Crate Relic Fragments Fossilized Bone New-Laid Basilisk Egg Useful Timber Derasa Clam Desert Rose Stolen Water Barrel Ancient Relics Townsfolk's Belongings Glowing Ore Cave Mushroom Flamelicked Ore Mugato Pile Weapon Crate Aefra Iridescent Nugget Jettisoned Luggage Expedition Supplies Hazevine Blossom Weapons Crate Golden Pigweed Fragrant Mushroom Villager's Corpse Old Jar Victim's Remains Pirate's Plunder Paesyn's Files Emberbloom Herbaceous Extrusion Not-Lost Relics Goddess's Remains Fragrant Rosehips Lok's Relic Essenian Supply Crates Tertas Cultist's Remains Wispy Iceflower Deserted Timber Ouijic Ore Kaidun Supplies Garrison Supplies Barbed Diamond Frostvine Crimson Shard Xanthic Shard Azure Shard Aetherduct Dismalweed Suspicious Crate Contaminated Well Dropwort Astrocorn Fungus Azurebond Stalk Orcan Jerky Red Dogbane Victim's Remains Mysterious Lab Item Mummified Remains Spider Egg Sac Adderfungus Eldritch Shard Dagon's Tablet Naga Egg Deathblossom Food Sack Dead Body Crate of Mana Ore Dead Lamb Strelitzia Stack of Weapons Defender's Corpse Malodorous Flower Rytenstone Giant Relics Salixia Flower Toolbox Blooddrop Mushroom Prion's Treasure Argon Supply Crate Moon Shadow Plant Stone Box Moonlight Lotus Lamenting Grass Arkai's Egg Box of Vision Spiritlace Faerie Relics Shadow Mushroom Mekonari Bloodtomb Sikandari Egg Frozen Corpse Tearroot Glacial Ice Bone Pile Wine Barrel Autumn Mushroom Horn Mound Crimson Shard Eclipse Thistle Oversized Hydranea Argon Construction Tools Contaminated Mushroom Argonized Plant Duckweed Argonite Ore Mutated Plant Mutated Mushroom Mutated Flower Expedition Member's Corpse Box of Parts Lime Deposit Blatherweed Baraka Soldier Corpse Relativity Stone