Energetic Death From Above Restorative Rain of Blows Affirmative Evasive Roll Rigid Defensive Stance Sanative Combative Strike Spirited Combo Attack Powerlinked Combative Strike Powerlinked Charging Slash Grounded Death From Above Advantageous Backstab Empowered Cascade of Stuns Lingering Cascade of Stuns Powerlinked Spinning Counter Carving Scythe Empowered Scythe Lingering Backstab Hastened Leaping Strike Cumulative Poison Blade Advantageous Blade Draw Empowered Reaping Slash Pumped Cross Parry Threatening Smoke Flanker Empowered Binding Sword Empowered Binding Sword Energetic Binding Sword Lingering Deadly Gamble Energetic Binding Sword Slowing Infuriate Energetic Infuriate Swift Evasive Roll Empowered Vortex Slash Powerlinked Cascade of Stuns Numbing Rising Fury Energetic Backstab Affirmative Evasive Roll Rigid Defensive Stance Powerlinked Charging Slash Carving Scythe Empowered Scythe Lingering Deadly Gamble Carving Blade Draw Energetic Battle Cry Hastened Battle Cry Lucky Battle Cry Threatening Battle Cry Threatening Torrent of Blows Influential Torrent of Blows Binding Torrent of Blows Pumped Stand Fast Powerlinked Stand Fast Influential Stand Fast Threatening Combo Attack Threatening Challenging Shout Brilliant Challenging Shout Slowing Infuriate Empowered Onslaught Test Lingering Shield Bash Brilliant Guardian Shout Empowered Retaliate Brilliant Shield Barrage Spirited Combo Attack Impelling Debilitate Energetic Leash Energetic Infuriate Energetic Shield Bash Empowered Charging Lunge Energetic Second Wind Swift Adrenaline Rush Brilliant Spring Attack Energetic Retaliate Lingering Iron Will Persistent Master's Leash Empowered Lockdown Blow Energetic Pledge of Protection Empowered Spring Attack Test Brilliant Onslaught Threatening Shield Counter Lingering Debilitate Blazing Shield Bash Restorative Pledge of Protection Energetic Charging Lunge Fleetfooted Charging Lunge Warding Iron Will Slowing Lockdown Blow Longshot Leash Slowing Leash Lingering Shield Bash Energetic Shield Bash Energetic Leash Threatening Combo Attack Brilliant Challenging Shout Slowing Lockdown Blow Brilliant Onslaught Slowing Infuriate Numbing Leash Threatening Leash Hastened Challenging Shout Grounded Challenging Shout Carving Onslaught Threatening Lockdown Blow Energetic Chained Leash Lingering Chained Leash Spirited Combo Attack Threatening Shield Counter Threatening Shield Barrage Numbing Spring Attack Empowered Wallop Affirmative Backstep Ardent Challenging Shout Ardent Shield Counter Ardent Second Wind Reinforced Stand Fast Energetic Rallying Cry Lingering Rallying Cry Brilliant Rallying Cry Threatening Rallying Cry Threatening Rallying Cry Lingering Rallying Cry Energetic Rallying Cry Threatening Challenging Shout Empowered Onslaught Empowered Spring Attack Lingering Debilitate Energetic Charging Lunge Brilliant Challenging Shout Hastened Challenging Shout Threatening Shield Counter Threatening Shield Barrage Empowered Wallop Affirmative Backstep Threatening Rallying Cry Carving Wallop Fleetfooted Evasive Roll Swift Combo Attack Empowered Combo Attack Brilliant Overpower Empowered Knockdown Strike Empowered Retaliate Powerlinked Knockdown Strike Powerlinked Retaliate Persistent Overhand Strike Spirited Combo Attack Spirited Tenacity Brilliant Whirlwind Energetic Dash Energetic Backstab Grounded Knockdown Strike