Nascent Raiments Phantom Sleeves Starry Slippers Mantle of Destiny Kaia's Gauntlets Infinite Steps Regentvest Sovereign Touch Baronial Footwear Basilic Robes Majesty's Wristlets Resplendent Shoes Unbending Plate Trouncing Fists Syntonic Steps Serene Vestments Vaingrips Boots of Rambling Orphic Gown Flicker Cuffs Highcatch Shoes Viator Mail Tendersteel Handguards Greaves of Passage Shrouded Empathy Blister Stops Tough Hobnails Blithe Wrapper Gracile Wristlets Spright Steps Blazemail Wave of Indecision Oversteps Brierset Jerkin Shadoeraps Darkrunners Inflamed Volcano Hands of Candor Ardent Movements Vanarch's Regalia Catharnach's Gauntlets Greaves of Rulership Halrath's Tunic Minea's Handstitched Gloves Harayan's Royal Boots Vestments of Shara Arachne's Threadtwisters Feywalkers of Icaruna Chestplate of the Harbinger Yurian's Gauntlets of Justice Thulsan Blood Greaves Nightwatch Vest Ishara's Gloves of Subtlety Shakan's Runners Raiment of Arun Handwraps of Oriyn Seren's Slippers Sirjari Hauberk Sirjari Gauntlets Sirjari Greaves Vanguard's Cuirass Vanguard's Gloves Vanguard's Boots Eldritch Robes Eldritch Bindings Eldritch Leggings Feytouched Plate Feytouched Fists Feytouched Treads Vindicator's Jerkin Vindicator's Grips Vindicator's Treads Saleron's Vestments Saleron's Wraps Saleron's Walkers Plate of Virtue Gauntlets of Virtue Greaves of Virtue Jerkin of Valor Wraps of Valor Treads of Valor Runicar's Vestments Runicar's Sleeves Runicar's Slippers Pertinacious Plate Fidelus Fists Certain Steps Amicus Cuirass Juvenescent Hands Walk of Advocacy Envelop Constans Cuffs Tireless Tracks Steeled Determination Ruin Wraps Gladiator Greaves Ingravio Jerkin Luctagrasps Conflicted Feet Envisioned Beauty Secure Sleeves Petalfeet Persevering Plate Haven Holds Giant Steps Devotee's Cuirass Diligent Hands Steps of Enforcement Calmshift Tribal Cuffs Falling Steps Wingsteel Hands of Allegience Walk of Ferocity Frostvest Idle Hands Cutthroat's Escape Ebonescence Nightwhisper Touch Pacing Shoes Primed Plate Primed Gauntlets Primed Greaves Primed Jerkin Primed Wraps Primed Treads Primed Vestments Primed Sleeves Primed Slippers Hauberk of the Gorge Air Courier's Gauntlets Cromos Stompers Cuirass of the Gorge Air Courier's Gloves Cromos Leather Boots Robe of the Gorge Air Courier's Sleeves Cromos Fur Shoes Lymei's Hauberk Faevine Gauntlets Faerie-made Greaves Lymei's Cuirass Faevine Gloves Faerie-made Boots Lymei's Robe Faevine Sleeves Faerie-made Shoes Velika's Pridemail Crafter's Gauntlets