It's the Little Things (Guild) Defang the Vampirs Countrycide Air Drop Out of Ploughshares Too Distasteful Duty Natural Predator Join the Battle Lifelines You Look Very Familiar How the Other Half Lives Hootenanny Quis Custodiet Try Not to Look Important Burn Before Reading Serious Allegations Blood for Blood Tightening the Belt How to Keep a Secret (Guild) Heavens Fail (Guild) Hog Hunting Desert Fire Uprising Researching Relics Slip of the Spell Kill the Fear Leader, Kill the World Merchant King Dethroned Finding Nema Catching Up and Getting a Head The Core of the Dead Picking up the Slack Misperception Head of the Cult How to Annoy Friends and Endanger People Time Fragments These Fragments I Have Shored against My Ruins The Final Piece Giant Problems Cultists, Cultists Everywhere Serving Two Masters [Dungeon] Dark Reach Citadel (Guild) Eliminate the Desert Fire Kulkaris (Guild) Eliminate the Ancient Teraliths Granary of Arun Warthogs Ruin Everything War Hyena Hunt This Heart of Stone Heart-Shaped Box Building Fences Suppression Report Irreparable Mistake Suspicious Scene Lokian Brothers Lokian Weapons Destroy Sidurek Sidurek's Secret An Eye for an Eye (Guild) Fangs a Lot (Guild) Destroy the Golems Revelation of the Goddess These Aren't the Weapons We're Looking For The Mystery Deepens News from My Brother Shrooms in the Gloom The Tools of Slavery Thermiosity Morale Boost Something to Remember Them By Searching for Survivors Old Weapon Skull Collection Mine Rescue Cave-In Clearing the Supply Route A Token Effort A Venom-enal Effort Clandestine Meeting Glow Little Glowstone Stop the Research (Guild) Suppression Orders: Slavers (Guild) Suppression Orders: Skeletons (Guild) Suppression Orders: Bloodclaw Arachnens Checking the Movement of the Kulkaris Help the Relic Expedition The Tooth Will Set You Free Desert Scavengers Water in the Desert Holy Statue Lost Researcher Blazing a Trail Prophet's Staff Archaeology 101 Archaeology 102 A Ruined Journey Unfound Treasure Eau My Gods Medicinal Ingredients Attar Stones Seeking Permission Basilisk's Threat Aye, for an Eye Strongest Material in the World Silent Scream Eggs-cellent (Guild) Suppression Orders: Crag Stalkers (Guild) Suppression Orders: Vicious Basilisks (Guild) Suppression Orders: Deathglare Suppression Orders: Deathglare Eldritch Academy Reinforcement Passing Notes Age and Treachery Dark Tutelage Holiday Plans Methods to the Madness Going Down Things Are Looking Up Take Out the Head Harming Marm Teachers' Pets Going for the Juggler Snubbing the Aristocrats Playing with Shadows Chaos Is Ugly Lok Up, Lok Down Enemies in Low Places Suffering Fools Going to the Chapel Cannons and Candy The Party Bouncer (Guild) Suppression Orders: Senior Apprentices (Guild) Putting Them in Their Place (Guild) Suppression Orders: Traitors A Tale of Two Tails Sibling Rivalry The Domain of Witches The Precocious Apprentice Shoring Up Living off the Land Un-bearable Lightness of Being Famous Lost Wines The Sabercat's Meow I Thought You'd Be Taller A Walk in the Moonlight Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires Those Little Witches Speaking in Jest Transfer Orders What Comes after Charred? Who Kills the Watchers Gardens of Stone