Flawless Fiendish Claymore Flawless Greataxe of the Forsworn Flawless Avowed Circle Flawless Tailor's Stitcher Flawless Staff of the Warden Flawless Scepter of Infatuation Flawless Phalanx Greaves Flawless Skirmisher's Boots Flawless Peds of Sikandacar Flawless Dreadmist Mail Flawless Deepmurk Gauntlets Flawless Cuirass of the Jackdaw Flawless Gloves of the Crow Flawless Bloody Quill Robe Flawless Mekonari Handwraps Flawless Ways & Means Flawless Beastblaster Flawless Bruteslayer Flawless Mutilator Flawless Mazespinner Flawless Wayfinder Flawless Labyrinth Lordstaff Flawless Gateopener Scepter Flawless Gulabane Greaves Flawless Caiman Kickers Flawless Sihranmade Shoes Flawless Fringed Azure Plate Flawless Fringed Azure Gauntlets Flawless Wanderer's Jerkin Flawless Wanderer's Wraps Flawless Magister's Robes Flawless Magister's Bindings Flawless Ice Talons Flawless Frostspar Flawless Frostwright Flawless Icewing Flawless Frostcoil Flawless Icebow Flawless Pillar of Ice Flawless Rimetorch Flawless Frigid Greaves Flawless Doomwalkers Flawless Icetrippers Flawless Fire Talons Flawless Emberspar Flawless Flamewright Flawless Firewing Flawless Flamecoil Flawless Firebow Flawless Pillar of Fire Flawless Emberneedle Crafted Levlow Twin Swords Crafted Levlow Lance Standard Issue Hauberk Standard Issue Gauntlets Standard Issue Greaves Standard Issue Cuirass Standard Issue Gloves Standard Issue Boots Standard Issue Robe Standard Issue Sleeves Standard Issue Shoes Steelweave Chestguard Brawler's Fists Quavering Greaves Cowled Lapvest Pioneering Gloves Hidden Steps Boots Sunwarmed Robe Sunsleeves Comfortable Shoes Hauberk of the First Expedition Gauntlets of the First Expedition Greaves of the First Expedition Cuirass of the First Expedition Gloves of the First Expedition Boots of the First Expedition Robe of the First Expedition Sleeves of the First Expedition Shoes of the First Expedition Chestmail of the Battle-Hungry Warmonger's Grasps Marching Steelboots Cuirass of the Love-Struck Minstrel's Strumming Gloves Mock Skins Forest-Dweller's Tunic Herbalist's Pickers Leafchasers Bar Crushers Bookbinder's Metal Handguards City Boots Flora Greatwrap Mill Workgloves Creekwaders Dreamer's Robe Reader's Pageturners Unlaced Shoes Dented Madman's Hauberk Scratched Hackers Greaves of the Long Sojourn Patchwork Jerkin Friction-Worn Gloves Muddy Walkers Bigger Man's Coat Moneylender's Counting Fingers Mother's Wicked Steps Metallic Melange Chestguard Sucker Puncher Dangerous Missteps Stormcry Cuirass Catching Gloves Fast and Light Boots Stopplesquare Gown Flyswatters Quarterturn Shoes Solace of the Alarmist Merchant's Strong Handshake Scuffed Scalemail Boots Bright Vestments of the Fastidious Drummer's Grips Sowboy Boots Wildvine Bestrobe Puckered Sleeves Dirty Little Sneakers Rock Hard Hauberk Director's Subtle Steel Fists Collision Courser Drunkard's Overcoat Kaw's Paws Boots of Early Arrivals Follower's Garb Baker's Gloves Babysteps Hauberk of the Katerin Sky Gauntlets of Emphatic Gestures Fantastic Voyagers Jerkin of the Master Hypnotist Brewer's Gloves Hiker's Well-worn Boots Arraigning Raiments Ornate Pulled-Thread Sleeves Ruby's Soft Shoes Foul-Smelling Hauberk Haymaker Gauntlets Avenger's Steelboots Duster of Disappearance Pugilist's Gloves Sailor's Deckboots