Anthracite Dannic Catalyst Tannin Shattered Monster Fragment Complete Monster Fragment Bounty of the Fray Silver Galleon Gold Galleon Medal of the Fray Halloween Trick Box Sweet Pumpkin Pie Halloween Treat Basket Halloween Candy Wintera Token Snowball Flameball Ice Trap Stinky Snowpile Goldfinger Token Artisan's Potion (30 Minutes) Artisan's Potion (1 Hour) Master's Potion (30 Minutes) Master's Potion (1 Hour) Speed Mote A Week of Night Mares Wintera Scroll of Resurrection Oneiric Mote Exclusive Tier 10 Masterwork Alkahest Personal Extensive Alkahest Personal Rare Alkahest Spellbind VII Spellbind VIII Spellbind IX Spellbind X Spellbind XI Spellbind XII Master Enigmatic Scroll VII Master Enigmatic Scroll VIII Master Enigmatic Scroll IX Master Enigmatic Scroll X Master Enigmatic Scroll XI Master Enigmatic Scroll XII Verdra Fibers Krymetal Ore Sun Essence Dawnhide Sylva Fibers Linmetal Ore Essence of Wind Greenhide Shetla Fibers Normetal Ore Star Essence Rough Hide Toira Fibers Shadmetal Ore Essence of Ice Bloodhide Luria Fibers Xermetal Ore Lightning Essence Gravehide Verdracloth Krysteel Ingot Deosilex Zalisleather Sylvacloth Linsteel Ingot Aerosilex Boscleather Shetlacloth Norsteel Ingot Astrosilex Marleather Toiracloth Shadsteel Ingot Cryosilex Hemeleather Luriacloth Xersteel Ingot Galvasilex Cereleather Fine Verdra Fibers Pure Krymetal Ore Pure Sun Essence Flawless Dawnhide Fine Sylva Fibers Pure Linmetal Ore Pure Essence of Wind Flawless Greenhide Fine Shetla Fibers Pure Normetal Ore Pure Star Essence Pure Rough Hide Fine Toira Fibers Pure Shadmetal Ore Pure Essence of Ice Flawless Bloodhide Fine Luria Fibers Pure Xermetal Ore Pure Lightning Essence Flawless Gravehide Idyllic Leaf Essential Mana Scroll Parchment Aerated Gel Ore Grinder Butcher's Blood Ink Charred Venom Ink Rusty Gear Ink Nightshade Ink Firefly Ink Squeteague Ink Amberdust Ink Rogue Rouge Snowdrift Ink Nagollic Catalyst Arunic Powder Stoppered Bottle Sharan Powder Krymetal Dust Linmetal Dust Normetal Dust Shadmetal Dust Xermetal Dust Mana Concentrate Idyllic Distillation Verdra Salve Sylva Salve Shetla Salve Toira Salve Luria Salve Verdra Unguent Sylva Unguent Shetla Unguent Toira Unguent Luria Unguent Solis Salve Aeris Salve Astris Salve Crysis Salve Galvis Salve Solis Unguent Aeris Unguent Astris Unguent Crysis Unguent Galvis Unguent Killian's Chain Necromancer's Orb Shard