Robe of the First Expedition Sleeves of the First Expedition Shoes of the First Expedition Chestmail of the Battle-Hungry Warmonger's Grasps Marching Steelboots Cuirass of the Love-Struck Minstrel's Strumming Gloves Mock Skins Forest-Dweller's Tunic Herbalist's Pickers Leafchasers Bar Crushers Bookbinder's Metal Handguards City Boots Flora Greatwrap Mill Workgloves Creekwaders Dreamer's Robe Reader's Pageturners Unlaced Shoes Dented Madman's Hauberk Scratched Hackers Greaves of the Long Sojourn Patchwork Jerkin Friction-Worn Gloves Muddy Walkers Bigger Man's Coat Moneylender's Counting Fingers Mother's Wicked Steps Metallic Melange Chestguard Sucker Puncher Dangerous Missteps Stormcry Cuirass Catching Gloves Fast and Light Boots Stopplesquare Gown Flyswatters Quarterturn Shoes Solace of the Alarmist Merchant's Strong Handshake Scuffed Scalemail Boots Bright Vestments of the Fastidious Drummer's Grips Sowboy Boots Wildvine Bestrobe Puckered Sleeves Dirty Little Sneakers Rock Hard Hauberk Director's Subtle Steel Fists Collision Courser Drunkard's Overcoat Kaw's Paws Boots of Early Arrivals Follower's Garb Baker's Gloves Babysteps Hauberk of the Katerin Sky Gauntlets of Emphatic Gestures Fantastic Voyagers Jerkin of the Master Hypnotist Brewer's Gloves Hiker's Well-worn Boots Arraigning Raiments Ornate Pulled-Thread Sleeves Ruby's Soft Shoes Foul-Smelling Hauberk Haymaker Gauntlets Avenger's Steelboots Duster of Disappearance Pugilist's Gloves Sailor's Deckboots Liaison's Tunic Ill-Fitting Sleeves Tasseled Slippers Fire-Forged Mail Fire-Forged Gauntlets Fire-Forged Greaves Flame-Stitched Jerkin Flame-Stitched Gloves Flame-Stitched Boots Robe of the Morningstar Stargraspers Stellar Trekkers Will-Breaker's Plate Will-Breaker's Gauntlets Will-Breaker's Greaves Strongmind Vest Strongmind Gloves Strongmind Boots Robe of the Serene Bindings of the Serene Shoes of the Serene Bloodmetal Chainmail Bloodmetal Gauntlets Bloodmetal Greaves Ironscale Jerkin Ironscale Gloves Ironscale Boots Steelskin Robe Steelskin Gloves Steelskin Shoes Lambent Mail Bark Grips Logger's Steelboots Logger's Apron Forest Work Gloves Treestep Boots Feystrider's Gown Leafpickers Faerie Shoes Nightshimmer Chestplate Duskweaver Gauntlets Hit Kickers Moonrise Vest Nightfists Tenebral Boots Nightswift Gown Somnus Sleeves Umbral Slippers Mottled Mail Clenched Fists Tremulous Steelboots Heartvine Jerkin Firekeeper Gloves Water-Proof Boots Viney Vestments Mossy Fingers Gravewhisper Shoes Desertbane Hauberk Sandwashed Gauntlets Pockmarked Greaves Fire-Proof Vest Fate Shapers Happensteps Robes of Seduction Feytouch Fingers Slippery Slippers Prophet's Plate Vedic Grips Hemisteps Cuirass of the Heartsworn Talisman Holders Steamwashed Boots Wrap of the Divine Spell-Licked Fingers Siren Steps Jeweled Chest Fidelus Fists