Emissaria Heartbeater Spire Twin Swords Spire Lance Spire Greatsword Spire Axe Spire Disc Spire Bow Spire Staff Spire Scepter Lost & Forgotten Martyr Timber Sword of Stalking Terror Axe of Suspended Fate Lens of Ice Bow of the Uncaring Redeeming Pillar Leering Wand Forbid & Forebode Damning Needle Perennial Blade Clawing Cleaver Flawcatch Merciless Rain Haughty Stick Nature's Selector Dexter & Sinister Fostered Legacy Slice of Strife Veinbreaker Vivid Visions Urgent Messenger Tower of Intellect Bitter Triumph Kismet & Karma Lance of Fate Scartracer Blooddancer Fatespinner Constance Circumstand Stern Warning Front & Center Frontlines Lance Frontlines Blade Argonbane Axe Frontlines Circle Argonbane Bow Frontlines Staff Argonbane Scepter Expedition Twin Swords Expedition Lance Expedition Greatsword Expedition Axe Expedition Disc Expedition Bow Expedition Staff Expedition Scepter Croak & Choke Frogskewer Frogsticker Biology Scalpel Frogmouth Shish Kafrog Tad Pole Toadturner Rise & Fall Gatekeeper Veinblade Ravenbane Measured Eye Winged Death Closure Rod of Rune Suit of Penance Godfists Greaves of Envy Shadowsong Vest Clutch of Terror Nightskates Flameswept Robe Deathweavers Golddancers Suit of Fury Shadowsong Coat Venomswept Robe Shadowsong Jacket Godswept Robe Bend & Break Godfeller Bloodcore Molten Edge Jaded Eye Bloodharp Shudder Nightstorm Godsblood Plate Bonesnappers Deathsteps Grevillain Coat Dextral Clings Hardened Jackboots Skytorn Wrap Fingers of Solace Skyreachers Kelsaik's Flame Kelsaik's Treasure Crate Kelsaik's Supply Crate Kelsaik's Supply Crate Kelsaik's Raid Supplies Kelsaik's Raid Supplies Kelsaik's Rage Kelsaik's Focus Crafted Levlow Greatsword Crafted Levlow Axe Crafted Levlow Disc Crafted Levlow Bow Crafted Levlow Staff Crafted Levlow Scepter Crafted Crizl Twin Swords Crafted Crizl Lance Crafted Crizl Greatsword Crafted Crizl Axe Crafted Crizl Disc Crafted Crizl Bow Crafted Crizl Staff Crafted Crizl Scepter Crafted Frigh Twin Swords Crafted Frigh Lance Crafted Frigh Greatsword Crafted Frigh Axe Crafted Frigh Disc Crafted Frigh Bow Crafted Frigh Staff Crafted Frigh Scepter Crafted Kzowl Twin Swords Crafted Kzowl Lance Crafted Kzowl Greatsword Crafted Kzowl Axe Crafted Kzowl Disc Crafted Kzowl Bow Crafted Kzowl Staff Crafted Kzowl Scepter Crafted Battlurn Twin Swords Crafted Battlurn Lance Crafted Battlurn Greatsword Crafted Battlurn Axe Crafted Battlurn Disc Crafted Battlurn Bow