Crafted Battlurn Hauberk Crafted Battlurn Gauntlets Crafted Battlurn Greaves Crafted Battlurn Cuirass Crafted Battlurn Gloves Crafted Battlurn Boots Crafted Battlurn Robe Crafted Battlurn Sleeves Crafted Battlurn Shoes Crafted Niveous Hauberk Crafted Niveous Gauntlets Crafted Niveous Greaves Crafted Niveous Cuirass Crafted Niveous Gloves Crafted Niveous Boots Crafted Niveous Robe Crafted Niveous Sleeves Crafted Niveous Shoes Crafted Punshal Hauberk Crafted Punshal Gauntlets Crafted Punshal Greaves Crafted Punshal Cuirass Crafted Punshal Gloves Crafted Punshal Boots Crafted Punshal Robe Crafted Punshal Sleeves Crafted Punshal Shoes Crafted Thunderstroke Hauberk Crafted Thunderstroke Gauntlets Crafted Thunderstroke Greaves Crafted Thunderstroke Cuirass Crafted Thunderstroke Gloves Crafted Thunderstroke Boots Crafted Thunderstroke Robe Crafted Thunderstroke Sleeves Crafted Thunderstroke Shoes Crafted Uvval Hauberk Crafted Uvval Gauntlets Crafted Uvval Greaves Crafted Uvval Cuirass Crafted Uvval Gloves Crafted Uvval Boots Crafted Uvval Robe Crafted Uvval Sleeves Crafted Uvval Shoes Crafted Dynash Hauberk Crafted Dynash Gauntlets Crafted Dynash Greaves Crafted Dynash Cuirass Crafted Dynash Gloves Crafted Dynash Boots Crafted Dynash Robe Crafted Dynash Sleeves Crafted Dynash Shoes Flawless Blood & Gore Flawless Bloodstrike Flawless Cruelblade Flawless Bloodshatter Flawless Heartcoil Flawless Airheart Flawless Tuskrender Flawless Bloodhorn Flawless Grisly Greaves Flawless Vulcanite Boots Flawless Cruelhide Shoes Flawless Bitter Mail Flawless Assailer Gauntlets Flawless Demonfoe Cuirass Flawless Demonsbane Gloves Flawless Robe of the Scion Flawless Demonwitch Sleeves Flawless Heartblades Flawless Lance of Devotion Flawless Fiendish Claymore Flawless Greataxe of the Forsworn Flawless Avowed Circle Flawless Tailor's Stitcher Flawless Staff of the Warden Flawless Scepter of Infatuation Flawless Phalanx Greaves Flawless Skirmisher's Boots Flawless Peds of Sikandacar Flawless Dreadmist Mail Flawless Deepmurk Gauntlets Flawless Cuirass of the Jackdaw Flawless Gloves of the Crow Flawless Bloody Quill Robe Flawless Mekonari Handwraps Flawless Ways & Means Flawless Beastblaster Flawless Bruteslayer Flawless Mutilator Flawless Mazespinner Flawless Wayfinder Flawless Labyrinth Lordstaff Flawless Gateopener Scepter Flawless Gulabane Greaves Flawless Caiman Kickers Flawless Sihranmade Shoes Flawless Fringed Azure Plate Flawless Fringed Azure Gauntlets Flawless Wanderer's Jerkin Flawless Wanderer's Wraps Flawless Magister's Robes Flawless Magister's Bindings Flawless Ice Talons Flawless Frostspar Flawless Frostwright Flawless Icewing Flawless Frostcoil Flawless Icebow Flawless Pillar of Ice Flawless Rimetorch Flawless Frigid Greaves Flawless Doomwalkers Flawless Icetrippers Flawless Fire Talons Flawless Emberspar Flawless Flamewright Flawless Firewing Flawless Flamecoil Flawless Firebow Flawless Pillar of Fire Flawless Emberneedle Crafted Levlow Twin Swords Crafted Levlow Lance Standard Issue Hauberk Standard Issue Gauntlets Standard Issue Greaves Standard Issue Cuirass Standard Issue Gloves Standard Issue Boots Standard Issue Robe Standard Issue Sleeves Standard Issue Shoes Steelweave Chestguard Brawler's Fists Quavering Greaves Cowled Lapvest Pioneering Gloves Hidden Steps Boots Sunwarmed Robe Sunsleeves Comfortable Shoes Hauberk of the First Expedition Gauntlets of the First Expedition Greaves of the First Expedition Cuirass of the First Expedition Gloves of the First Expedition