(Guild) Suppression Orders: Mirelings (Guild) Suppression Orders: Babok Hollow (Guild) Suppression Orders: Sabertooths (Guild) Suppression Orders: Tuwangi Thorp Emergency Support The Force Behind the Devans Going on the Offensive From the Mouths of Scions Some Gave All Deliver It to Furlan Ore, Really? Feed Them for Our Survival Yield to the Sheep Life-Risking Message Stubborn Old Man Reinforcing the Fences We Need Food A Solitary Soldier Eliminating the Skullcrushers Securing Provisions Bloody Comradeship Reckless Militia Securing the Safety of the Militia Small Revenge Reinforcement Time for Payback News of Victory Operation: Shrine Subjugation Justicars in the Shrine Alter Their Perspective Cleaning the Collection Point Pig on the Hill Outlaws in the Ruins (Guild) Suppression Orders: Gutrends (Guild) Suppression Orders: Bears (Guild) Suppression Orders: Arakia Suppression Orders: Arakia (Vanarch) Scruffy Kumas Herders Building a Mystery For Valor Above and Beyond Always Outnumbered, Never Forgotten Break Through the Lines No Small Matter Getting a Head in the World Gnash This The Hunters Become the Hunted I'm a Scholar Not a Soldier, Jim A Tiny Bit of Sabotage Hit Them Where it Hurts Take 'Em Down Hard Blessing of Kaia (Guild) Suppression Orders: Red Fang Orcans (Guild) Suppression Orders: Ragers (Guild) Suppression Orders: Kumases (Guild) Suppression Orders: Scion Guards (Guild) Suppression Orders: Juggernaut Mercenaries (Guild) Suppression Orders: Barraq Suppression Orders: Barraq (Vanarch) Seeking the Core Like a Brother to Me The Long Goodbye Fraya's Faith Road to Hungry Caverns Gold in Them Thar Swamps Gula Pet The Caiman Problem End of the Slavers Cut the Purse-Strings The Downstairs Scout Gula Head Soup Kitchen Battle Kobolds Will Listen to Anyone Balancing the Ledgers The Biggest Butcher Where's Rendia? Cruel as They Come Bitter Kindness Punish the Porters Painkillers Succor for the Victims Show Your Work Tears for the Fallen Unmentionable Stenchables (Guild) Suppression Orders: Vexatus Swamp (Guild) Suppression Orders: Kazuur Syndicate (Guild) Clearing the Catacombs (Vanarch) Depth Charge Enemies in the Midst Sic Semper Proditores Relic of a Bygone Age The Fall of the Betrayer Crocuta Blankets for the Night Eliminate the Raging Beasts Missing Supplies from Velika The Dangerous Nest Desperate Struggle for Survival Beholder of Darkness Eyes in the Darkness Cook the Chefs Cure for Crazy Don't Play with Knives Gula Leftovers Pride of the Protectors The Price of Hubris Mysterious Disappearance Remaining Proof The Best Offense Is...Dentistry Beheading a Nightmare The Circle Is Complete (Guild) Paws in Mid-Battle (Guild) Lust and Deceit (Guild) Chaos and Destruction (Guild) Suppression Orders: Tabruk (Vanarch) Suppression Orders: Tabruk Island Vacation Breaking the Shells A Little Long in the Tooth The Shell Game Mycanar Trouble A Makeup Test It's Flotsam...or Is It Jetsam Reach the Beach Scales of Justice Claws and Effect Population Control Fur the Ladies Malagash Must Die Bounding to the Overwatch Feeling the Pinch Their Only Weakness I'm a Lumberjack, and I'm Okay Agile Prey An Aefra by any Other Name Cold Hearted Snakes Seeing Things Through Snakes in a Tomb No Foe Too Big... Sundering the Fulcrum Nuggets of Joy No One Gets Off the Island In Memoriam (Guild) Beasts at the Viper Strand (Guild) Butchery Starts with Skinning (Guild) Suppression Orders: Serpentis Isle Beasts (Guild) Master the Battlemasters (Guild) Master the Clawmasters (Guild) Nagas In Decline (Guild) Fall of the Naga (Guild) Challenging the Divine