Yaghuth Shan's Barbatus Twin Swords Shan's Barbatus Lance Shan's Barbatus Greatsword Shan's Barbatus Axe Shan's Aknan Disc Shan's Barbatus Bow Shan's Aknan Staff Shan's Aknan Scepter Vir & Dolosus Lance of Yurian Brogar's Foereaper Brogar's Skullcleaver Disc of Nalmeline Halrath's Recurve Bow Staff of the Seer Rod of Gyrmanus Vengeance & Glory Bloodlance Vendetta Chuknoras Eye of Sikander Faelstriker Heartstaff of the Devoted Rod of the Wrathweaver Pythiar & Strythiar High Vanguard's Lance Jahangir's Direblade Bloodhunger Eldritch Eye of Esinyri Ranger's Longbow of Valor High Prelate's Stave Seren's Soothing Scepter Blast & Damnation Bloodtell Lance Bloodtell Blade Bloodtell Axe Bloodtell Disc Bloodtell Bow Bloodtell Staff Royal Scepter Renew & Rebirth Vitalance Lifecutter Rupturing Axe Cycloid of Strife Tinker's Bow Serviceable Staff Elsewise Scepter Arise & Awake Eye Opener Dayslayer Aestivax Soporcircus Lullabow Nocturne Rod of Repose Cipher & Clue Skullpierce Grafting Blade Sandcleaver Winking Eye Desert Bow Galestaff Amberrod Blight & Darkness Fatebreaker Regressor Brutalax Eye to Extinction Arcing Death Perdition Impertinence Fane & Glory Piledriver Amani Plowshare Safecracker Plate of Revenge Longsting Intercede Malignificence Cunning & Instinct Huddle Amasser Swarmsword Deathswing Rally Round Paradox Bow Conundrum Destiny's Balance Fracture & Sever Insertion Point Nullification Beyonderbane Fortuity Eye Rivenstorm Emergence Scepter of the Unknown Trust & Endure Anchorage Sharpwind Blade History's Judge Phoenix Eye Perigee Arc Emissaria Heartbeater Spire Twin Swords Spire Lance Spire Greatsword Spire Axe Spire Disc Spire Bow Spire Staff Spire Scepter Lost & Forgotten Martyr Timber Sword of Stalking Terror Axe of Suspended Fate Lens of Ice Bow of the Uncaring Redeeming Pillar Leering Wand Forbid & Forebode Damning Needle Perennial Blade Clawing Cleaver Flawcatch Merciless Rain Haughty Stick Nature's Selector Dexter & Sinister Fostered Legacy Slice of Strife Veinbreaker Vivid Visions Urgent Messenger Tower of Intellect Bitter Triumph Kismet & Karma Lance of Fate Scartracer Blooddancer Fatespinner Constance Circumstand Stern Warning Front & Center Frontlines Lance Frontlines Blade Argonbane Axe