Drill & Blast Refuge from the Cold Chillblade Wintercut Hatchet Round of Frost Wyntyrfell Iceblood Staff Scepter of Darkest Days Thirst & Hunger Frostwake Froststing Winged Preyer Arctic Circle Ice Hollower Frozen Pole Palpable Chill Sabranak's Fangs Lance of the Frost Stalker Greatsword of Sabranak Dracoloth Cleaver Froststalker Disc Bow of the Froststalker Dracoloth Staff Scepter of Sabranak Blast & Damnation Andrasta's Aegis Wyrmbane Greataxe of Justarius Heart of the Clan Demonslayer Bow Trueheart Staff Scepter of the Shrouded Rose Damascened Xersteel Twins Oldwood Lance Set Damascened Xersteel Reaper Damascened Xersteel Cleaver Cyclone Wheel Bent Lightning Bow Thunderfist Pillar Blackbolt Mace Attuned Damascened Xersteel Twins Attuned Oldwood Lance Set Attuned Damascened Xersteel Reaper Attuned Damascened Xersteel Cleaver Attuned Cyclone Wheel Attuned Bent Lightning Bow Attuned Thunderfist Pillar Attuned Blackbolt Mace Goldquenched Xersteel Twins Goldquenched Xersteel Lance Set Goldquenched Xersteel Sword Goldquenched Xersteel Axe Disc of Galvanic Gales Galvanic Heartseeker Galvanic Tower Galvanic Rod Attuned Goldquenched Xersteel Twins Attuned Goldquenched Xersteel Lance Set Attuned Goldquenched Xersteel Sword Attuned Goldquenched Xersteel Axe Attuned Disc of Galvanic Gales Attuned Galvanic Heartseeker Attuned Galvanic Tower Attuned Galvanic Rod Blastforged Xersteel Twins Olnea Heartwood Lance Set Blastforged Xersteel Slicer Blastforged Xersteel Breaker Xersteel Arcwheel Olnwood Arcthrower Olnwood Mainstay Olnic Cyclone Cane Attuned Blastforged Xersteel Twins Attuned Olnea Heartwood Lance Set Attuned Blastforged Xersteel Slicer Attuned Blastforged Xersteel Breaker Attuned Xersteel Arcwheel Attuned Olnwood Arcthrower Attuned Olnwood Mainstay Attuned Olnic Cyclone Cane Sunforged Xersteel Twins Runegrown Olnea Lance Set Sunforged Xersteel Slasher Sunforged Xersteel Shieldreaver Bluebolt Lens Sparkspear Bow Lightning Tree Crafted 4th grade Holy Scepter Attuned Sunforged Xersteel Twins Attuned Runegrown Olnea Lance Set Attuned Sunforged Xersteel Slasher Attuned Sunforged Xersteel Shieldreaver Attuned Bluebolt Lens Attuned Sparkspear Bow Attuned Lightning Tree Attuned Tempest Scepter Tempered Xersteel Twins Forge-Hardened Olnea Lance Set Tempered Xersteel Battlesword Tempered Xersteel Greataxe Skyfire Wheel Stormbolt Messenger Pillar of Skyfire Skyfire Mace Attuned Tempered Xersteel Twins Attuned Forge-Hardened Olnea Lance Set Attuned Tempered Xersteel Battlesword Attuned Tempered Xersteel Greataxe Attuned Skyfire Wheel Attuned Stormbolt Messenger Attuned Pillar of Skyfire Attuned Skyfire Mace Drop-Forged Xersteel Twins Xersteel Walloping Wall Drop-Forged Xersteel Greatsword Drop-Forged Xersteel Chopper Hurricane's Eye Galvaflash Recurve Hurricane Mast Flashbolt Bar Attuned Drop-Forged Xersteel Twins Attuned Xersteel Walloping Wall Attuned Drop-Forged Xersteel Greatsword Attuned Drop-Forged Xersteel Chopper Attuned Hurricane's Eye Attuned Galvaflash Recurve Attuned Hurricane Mast Attuned Flashbolt Bar Forge-Welded Xersteel Twins Olnwood Everguard Forge-Welded Xersteel Reaper Forge-Welded Xersteel Axe Xeric Tempest Disc Olnwood Skyclaw Olnwood Stormruler Olnwood Arc-Catcher Attuned Forge-Welded Xersteel Twins Attuned Olnwood Everguard Attuned Forge-Welded Xersteel Reaper Attuned Forge-Welded Xersteel Axe Attuned Xeric Tempest Disc Attuned Olnwood Skyclaw Attuned Olnwood Stormruler Attuned Olnwood Arc-Catcher Xersteel Sevenfold Serpents Xersteel Sevenfold Skewer Xersteel Sevenfold Bloodspiller Xersteel Sevenfold Skullsplitter Lightning's Eye