The Desert Jewel Rotten to the Core The Red Necklace of Courage Thulsa's Dread Legion Recycling for Life Armchair Quartermaster Henceforth and Forthwith The Purifying Flame That Ol' Thulsan Magic Hunting for a Weakness Quit Hogging the Remote Weapons Muster Behind Enemy Lines The Legion of Doom Sundered Defenses Eldritch Components (Guild) Suppression Orders: Brogar Legion Visions of Destiny Shakan, Not Stirred Munchables A Smell Most Foul The Price of Passion Not Quite Snake Oil This Bites The Angry Forest Clearing the Way Gotta Treat 'Em Gentle Preventive Medicine Fried Eggs Consulting the Stones Wings of Darkness The Sick Sense Stemming the Tide Trinkets of a Demon-God Loyal unto Death Unstable Guardians Noxious and Obnoxious Bad Touching! (Guild) Suppression Orders: Forest Creatures (Guild) Suppression Orders: Reeking Orisks (Guild) Suppression Orders: Terkasia Suppression Orders: Terkasia Inky Dinky Don't Mother's Lament The Family Crest Growing Tranquility Isobel's Little Problem Special Delivery Heart of Darkness Reality Bites Barking up the Wrong Tree Who Goes There? The Missing Ingredient Vulcan-ized Devastating News (Guild) Suppression Orders: Vulcan Dreadnaughts (Guild) Suppression Orders: Anansha Suppression Orders: Anansha To the Garden of the Sun Keepers of the Sun Seren's Lake Into the Light Under Balder's Eye The Arcanet Is Down Upright and Lost Protecting Endangered Species Three-Toed Terrors Slasher Slaughter Salve a Rash, Feed a Fever Prayer of the Flower The Daily Sloth Core of the Problem Leshoff's Luxurious Lotion Fur Follows Function Always Know Where Your Towel Is Tongue Tied A Clean Slate The Blame Game Proper Stewardship They're Ruining the Ruins Resisting the Sloth Good Fences Make Good Neighbors Bearly Fashionable Popo Pilgrims Claws for Concern Dust Beneath My Wings Oshar's Second-Biggest Secret The Eternal Omelet Current Events I'm Gonna Let It Shine Oshar's Biggest Secret Mowing Down the Competition Recording the Past Recording the Future How We Mandrill (Guild) Suppression Orders: Sloths (Guild) Suppression Orders: Mandrills (Guild) Suppression Orders: Arkais Suppression Orders: Sloth Suppression Orders: Mandrills Suppression Orders: Arkais Deadly Sloth Mandrill Menace Arkai Bounty The Traitor of Acarum Where's Kaidun Freeing Kaidun One Bad Apple Better Late than Never Safety First The House that Mansur Built Concrete Solutions Would You Like to See the Wine List? If I Had a Hammer, I'd Kill Some Ossugons Feeding the Hungry Dangerous Paths Hunting the Wind Sailor's Gold Coin The Gulas' Secret Treasure The Head of the Serpent Stolen Research Keep the Lights Burning The Hills Are Alive Silent Hunters Burn the Witch Bellyache Cast at the Darkness Toppling the Colossus (Guild) Suppression Orders: Ossugons (Guild) Suppression Orders: Drowned Gulas (Guild) Suppression Orders: Onyx Hydraths (Guild) Suppression Orders: Marutash (Guild) Suppression Orders: Kestol Suppression Orders: Naga Colossi and Deathreapers Suppression Orders: Marutash Suppression Orders: Kestol Zenobia's Loss They Don't Need ALL Those Swords Revenge of the Heart What's Yours Is Mine Rage against the Ragers The Best Defense Alternative Source of Supply An Army Marches on Its Stomach Grim Reapers Cursed Arrows Eliminate Baalark Sihran Intelligence Better than a Bouquet