A Summons from the Invalesco A Nightmare on My Street Waste Not, Want Not High-Value Targets Fighting on an Empty Stomach Badge of Honor Swarms of Blue and Black Strike First, Strike Hard Pull Tab to Open They Hate Me in That Tunnel Tunnel Rats Fluxing the Capacitor Pullin' the Plug One Ring to Find Them Myconic Toxicology Forging the Next Generation No Fighting on an Empty Stomach On Behalf of the Shariar Call of the Shariar Beat the Brush Varmint Hunting Gearstalker Argonian Safari Shifting Wind Wary Prey Bag the Limit Back at the Lodge Valsekyr Hunting Horns Up the Creek Come Mister Valkyon Trying to Be the Shepherd Scarier Crows Keep Off the Grass Killing Trees to Save Them First Chance to See Sun Worship A Chance of Sun Cleaning the Shed Time to Rest You're Not on My List The Seed Vault Balder's Balm The Pause that Refreshes No Loafing Nature's Perfect Food Peaceful Victor Peaceful Warriors Stuff and Things I Gather You Gather The Hands' Hands I Made This Gath-Master It's All Fun and Games Great Expectations Today, We Drink Things and Stuff Taratia's Job Skin and Bones—and Claws Body Parts, Part Ew The Big, the Bad, and the Ugly A Time to Kill Trophy Hunting Hunting the Hostiles Happy Hunting Monster Hunter All For One, Am I Right? Mental Health Day Craftania Kingdom No One Appreciates Middle-Management Ladies and Gentlemen, the Hands of Velika No One Appreciates Middle-Management Hands with Many Hats Puzzling Pieces One Monster's Garbage is Another's Treasure Ominously Silent Spring What Could Possibly Go Wrong Echoes in the Stone Technological Terrors Starting at the Bottom Borrowing a Book The Paper Chase Delivering Papers Pop Quiz Mechanics of Magic Fusion Confusion A Tiny Problem Fuelish Heart Automated Delivery Engineering the Outcome Back to the Beach Hungry for Profits Market Research Cutting Expenses Routine Delivery Urgent Delivery Human Resources Dealing with Shrinkage Gentle Reminders Friend of the Family Let's Go Fishing Let's Cook Some Fish Let's Sell Some Fish Way of the Angler Totally Safe. Totally. Catch a Giant Blue Something Fishy This Way Comes Fishy Frittery Goodness Big-Ass Fish Story Legendary Angler Casting for Gold When It's Time To Relax Angler's Feast Octopus's Garden Salad [Event] Holy Responsibilities [Event] Attending Services [Event] Keep the Fires Burning [Event] Ice to Meet You [Event—Daily] Combating Sloth [Event—Daily] Taking Out the Trash [Event—Daily] Dust Never Sleeps [Event—Daily] Icing on the Cake [Event—Daily] Skyrockets in Flight [Event] Carnival of Carnivores [Event—Daily] Off the Menu [Event—Daily] The Party's Over [Event—Daily] The Party. Is. Over. [Event] Life's a Beach [Event] Would You Like to Play a Game [Event—Daily] Splash Cannon Mini-Game [Event—Daily] Melon Bash Mini-Game [Event—Daily] Sand Castles in The Sand [Event—Daily] The Horn Carver's Concerns [Event—Daily] Beauty at the Beach [Event] Ramsay's New Hobby [Rootstock] Going to the Fair [Rootstock] Get Back to Your Roots [Rootstock] Create a Farmer's Almanac [Rootstock] Down on the Farm [Rootstock—Daily] Dish Delivery [Rootstock—Daily] Kick-Bale [Rootstock—Daily] Sheep Herding [Rootstock—Daily] Ranch Management [Rootstock—Daily] Higgledy-Piggledy [Pond Faire] Pond Life [Pond Faire] Prepare for the Faire [Pond Faire] Lilies and Drums [Pond Faire—Daily] Hide-n-Seek [Pond Faire—Daily] Slay the Dragons [Pond Faire—Daily] Drumline