Maze's Solution Wild Rover Exit Maker Skein of Unwinding Compass Needle Path Marker Switchback Course Twins of the Ebon Tower Tower Redoubt Ebonblade Cleaver of the Dark Black Vortex Sky Darkener Ebon Amnesty Dark Awakening Fiend & Foe Aegis of the People Tyrant Reaver Despot Dispatch Mandala of Reflection Triumphant Arc Temperence Civil Disobedience Recycle & Reuse Repurposed Pronewood Self-propelled Mower Logsplitter Whirlwisp Gnarled Messenger Burled Staff Root of Evil Shiny New Twin Swords Brand New Lance Shiny New Greatsword Shiny New Axe Shiny New Disc Brand New Bow Brand New Staff Brand New Scepter Same & Different Respite of the Intrepid Tenderizer Akasha's Axe Shargrim's Razor Lugribar's Reach Shargrim's Crozier Gluda's Blood Bar Melody & Harmony Rest for the Weary Tender Ministrations Whistlestop Disc of the Evening Sun Death's Harp Treble Staff Tempo Keeper Lifeless & Hollow Expulsion Point Procedural Evacuator Reckless Abandon Openheart Recover Blank Messenger Barren Hopes Rhodomontade Snip & Clip Moral Drill Scissorblade Kerf Render Veernaught Piercing Tool Comely Fellwood Trimmed Patience Stroke & Dagger Xerstwall Death Provocateur Xersteel Prod Unavowed Intent Shockworth Crescent Clandestave Galvanized Seclusion Cinders & Ashes Firestop Blazewind Icechopper Emberstart Friction Bow Charred Crook Wicked Cane Spring & Fall Wall of Wander Maverick Edge Cleave Astray Driftwheel Divagate Plug Vagabond's Walkingstick Maundercosh Assault & Battery Gravamen Point Casual Acquittance Executioner's Blade Jural Roarer Lynch Pin Pronounced Judgment Fiducial Bar Fame & Fortune Pursuant Stronghold Posh Richblade Stalworth Edger Refined Magedisc Goldspeare Regal Staff of Office Precious Minacity Val Elenium Defender's Ceremonial Twin Swords Val Elenium Defender's Ceremonial Lance and Shield Val Elenium Defender's Ceremonial Greatsword Val Elenium Defender's Ceremonial Axe Val Elenium Defender's Ceremonial Disc Val Elenium Defender's Ceremonial Bow Val Elenium Defender's Ceremonial Staff Val Elenium Defender's Ceremonial Scepter Val Elenium Defender's Twin Swords Val Elenium Defender's Lance and Shield Val Elenium Defender's Greatsword Val Elenium Defender's Axe Val Elenium Defender's Disc Val Elenium Defender's Bow Val Elenium Defender's Staff Val Elenium Defender's Scepter Val Elenium Decurion's Ceremonial Twin Swords Val Elenium Decurion's Ceremonial Lance and Shield Val Elenium Decurion's Ceremonial Greatsword Val Elenium Decurion's Ceremonial Axe Val Elenium Decurion's Ceremonial Disc Val Elenium Decurion's Ceremonial Bow Val Elenium Decurion's Ceremonial Staff Val Elenium Decurion's Ceremonial Scepter Val Elenium Decurion's Twin Swords Val Elenium Decurion's Lance and Shield Val Elenium Decurion's Greatsword Val Elenium Decurion's Axe Val Elenium Decurion's Disc Val Elenium Decurion's Bow Val Elenium Decurion's Staff Val Elenium Decurion's Scepter Val Elenium Centurion's Ceremonial Twin Swords Val Elenium Centurion's Ceremonial Lance and Shield Val Elenium Centurion's Ceremonial Greatsword Val Elenium Centurion's Ceremonial Axe Val Elenium Centurion's Ceremonial Disc Val Elenium Centurion's Ceremonial Bow