Val Tirkai Tribune's Greatsword Val Tirkai Tribune's Axe Val Tirkai Tribune's Disc Val Tirkai Tribune's Bow Val Tirkai Tribune's Staff Val Tirkai Tribune's Scepter Silent & Deadly Lofty Bloodguard Straightened Claw Pileated Axe Twisting Laughter Repeater Strafe Staff of Hope Furcula Struth Thorn & Bloom Bole of Vekas Blade of Vekas Bane of Vekas Heart of Vekas Bough of Vekas Branch of Vekas Taproot of Vekas Kugai's Left & Right Resistance of the Mighty Kugai's Greatsword Kugai's Axe Kugai's Disc Kugai's Bow Kugai's Staff Kugai's Scepter Karascha's Dining Utensils Karascha's Buckler Karascha's Knife Karascha's Hatchet Karascha's Bangle Karascha's Mouthharp Karascha's Backscratcher Karascha's Toothpick Intrepid Twin Swords Intrepid Lance Intrepid Greatsword Intrepid Axe Intrepid Disc Intrepid Bow Intrepid Staff Intrepid Scepter Primus's Twin Swords of Dedication Primus's Lance of Dedication Primus's Greatsword of Dedication Primus's Axe of Dedication Primus's Disc of Dedication Primus's Bow of Dedication Primus's Staff of Dedication Primus's Scepter of Dedication Tribune's Twin Swords of Dedication Tribune's Lance of Dedication Tribune's Greatsword of Dedication Tribune's Axe of Dedication Tribune's Disc of Dedication Tribune's Bow of Dedication Tribune's Staff of Dedication Tribune's Scepter of Dedication Prefect's Twin Swords of Dedication Prefect's Lance of Dedication Prefect's Greatsword of Dedication Prefect's Axe of Dedication Prefect's Disc of Dedication Prefect's Bow of Dedication Prefect's Staff of Dedication Prefect's Scepter of Dedication Legate's Twin Swords of Dedication Legate's Lance of Dedication Legate's Greatsword of Dedication Legate's Axe of Dedication Legate's Disc of Dedication Legate's Bow of Dedication Legate's Staff of Dedication Legate's Scepter of Dedication Brigadier's Twin Swords of Dedication Brigadier's Lance of Dedication Brigadier's Greatsword of Dedication Brigadier's Axe of Dedication Brigadier's Disc of Dedication Brigadier's Bow of Dedication Brigadier's Staff of Dedication Brigadier's Scepter of Dedication Primus's Twin Swords of Victory Primus's Lance of Victory Primus's Greatsword of Victory Primus's Axe of Victory Primus's Disc of Victory Primus's Bow of Victory Primus's Staff of Victory Primus's Scepter of Victory Tribune's Twin Swords of Victory Tribune's Lance of Victory Tribune's Greatsword of Victory Tribune's Axe of Victory Tribune's Disc of Victory Tribune's Bow of Victory Tribune's Staff of Victory Tribune's Scepter of Victory Prefect's Twin Swords of Victory Prefect's Lance of Victory Prefect's Greatsword of Victory Prefect's Axe of Victory Prefect's Disc of Victory Prefect's Bow of Victory Prefect's Staff of Victory Prefect's Scepter of Victory Legate's Twin Swords of Victory Legate's Lance of Victory Legate's Greatsword of Victory Legate's Axe of Victory Legate's Disc of Victory Legate's Bow of Victory Legate's Staff of Victory Legate's Scepter of Victory Brigadier's Twin Swords of Victory Brigadier's Lance of Victory Brigadier's Greatsword of Victory Brigadier's Axe of Victory Brigadier's Disc of Victory Brigadier's Bow of Victory Brigadier's Staff of Victory Brigadier's Scepter of Victory Prefect's Twin Swords of Glory Prefect's Lance of Glory Prefect's Greatsword of Glory Prefect's Axe of Glory Prefect's Disc of Glory Prefect's Bow of Glory Prefect's Staff of Glory Prefect's Scepter of Glory Legate's Twin Swords of Glory Legate's Lance of Glory Legate's Greatsword of Glory Legate's Axe of Glory Legate's Disc of Glory Legate's Bow of Glory Legate's Staff of Glory Legate's Scepter of Glory Brigadier's Twin Swords of Glory Brigadier's Lance of Glory Brigadier's Greatsword of Glory Brigadier's Axe of Glory Brigadier's Disc of Glory Brigadier's Bow of Glory Brigadier's Staff of Glory