Backstab I Menacing Wave Blessing of Seren I In Cold Blood I Flaming Barrage I Cable Step Deadly Gamble I Flaming Barrage I Cable Step Backstab I Restraining Arrow II Inescapable Doom II Retaliate II Meat Grinder II Backstab II Blessing of Seren II In Cold Blood II Flaming Barrage II Deadly Gamble II Flaming Barrage II Backstab II Retaliate III Meat Grinder III Backstab III Flaming Barrage III Flaming Barrage III Backstab III Retaliate IV Meat Grinder IV Backstab IV Flaming Barrage IV Flaming Barrage IV Backstab IV Retaliate V Meat Grinder V Backstab V Flaming Barrage V Backstab V Retaliate VI Meat Grinder VI Backstab VI Backstab VI Retaliate VII Meat Grinder VII Backstab VII Backstab VII Retaliate VIII Meat Grinder VIII Backstab VIII Backstab VIII Retaliate IX Meat Grinder IX Retaliate X Meat Grinder X Backstab I Backstab II Backstab III Backstab IV Backstab V Backstab VI Backstab VII Backstab VIII Sniper's Eye I Bloodlust I Retaliate I Command: Recall I Mounting Rage Dark Herald I Lockdown Blow I Blessing of Arachne Exhausting Blow Nerve Exhaustion Cascade of Stuns I Dark Herald I Dark Herald I Sniper's Eye II Bloodlust II Retaliate II Command: Recall II Lockdown Blow II Cascade of Stuns II Retaliate III Command: Recall III Lockdown Blow III Cascade of Stuns III Retaliate IV Lockdown Blow IV Cascade of Stuns IV Retaliate V Cascade of Stuns V Retaliate VI Retaliate VII Retaliate VIII Retaliate IX Retaliate X Dark Herald I Dark Herald I Sequential Fire I Arun's Tears Command: Self-Destruct Iron Will I Kaia's Shield I Burning Breath I Backstab I Burning Breath I Sequential Fire II Iron Will II Kaia's Shield II Burning Breath II Backstab II Burning Breath II Sequential Fire III Iron Will III Kaia's Shield III Burning Breath III Burning Breath III Sequential Fire IV Iron Will IV Kaia's Shield IV Burning Breath IV Burning Breath IV Sequential Fire V Iron Will V Kaia's Shield V Burning Breath V Burning Breath V Sequential Fire VI Iron Will VI Burning Breath VI Burning Breath VI Sequential Fire VII Burning Breath VII Burning Breath VII Sequential Fire VIII Sequential Fire IX Sequential Fire X Sequential Fire XI Stunning Trap Arrow I Metamorphic Smite I Command: Stay/Follow Master's Leash I Blessing of Balder I Measured Slice I Mana Volley I Spinning Counter I Metamorphic Smite I Measured Slice I Stunning Trap Arrow II Metamorphic Smite II