Pet: Zero (14 Days) Pet: Miss Katonic (14 Days) G M P Часть буквы Эссенция Дракона Волшебный расщепитель Магический мешок Руна Дракона (TERA) Руна Дракона (Summer) Руна Дракона (Update) Руна Дракона (Evil) Руна Дракона (Dragon) Руна Дракона (Returned) Волшебный расщепитель (Letter) Перо Кость дракона Жетон приручения Билет поддержки Лоскут ткани Шелковый лоскут Магическая сталь Самоцвет Жетон листопада Жетон снегопада Valkyon Federation Medal Demonic Amulet Heart of the Beast Mystical letters Crystal of Ether Blood of Demon Dendrite Shard Uncommon Faridei's Cube Rare Faridei's Cube Superior Faridei's Cube Golden Faridei's Cube Legendary Faridei's Cube Element Essence Unstable Water crystal Unstable Fire crystal Unstable Earth crystal Unstable Water energy Unstable Fire energy Unstable Earth energy Unstable Water essence Unstable Fire essence Unstable Earth essence Unstable Water element Unstable Fire element Unstable Earth element Relic of the Water Relic of the Fire Relic of the Earth Water fragment Fire fragment Earth fragment Water crystal Fire crystal Earth crystal Water energy Fire energy Earth energy Prime Water essence Prime Fire essence Prime Earth essence Quintessence Obsidian Shard Obsidian Crystal Obsidian Sphere Prime Darkness Stone of the Light Elements Secrets Massive Loot Box Extreme Loot Box Extreme Key Box 1 Box 3 Box 4 Box 6 Sealed Chest Magic Chest Magic Snowflake Liquid Ice Black Ice Sphere of Cold Rune of Ice Ice Сube Heart of Winter Gift of Santa Claus Crystal Casket Crystal plate Crystal Chest of the Beast Master Meruma's Cache Box with mysterious weapons Bag with accessories Summon NPC: Phargo Summon NPC: Schwab Velik's Opportunity Colorful Token Emblem of Success Memento of Fame Sigil of Indestructible Flame Burnt Scale Broken Claw Gore Tattered Wing Dragon Vial Vergoth's Soul Parcticle Fangless Dragon Fang Golden Dragon Fang Diamond Dragon Fang Dragon's treasure Dragon's ancient treasure Dragon's legendary treasure Essence of Dragon Essence of Wyvern Essence of Phoenix Jewelry Token Abyss Token Candy Token Ice Cream Token Sands of Time Golden Sands of Time Echo of Battle Shard of Emptiness Particle of Time Military Tractatus Clot of Emptiness Essence of Time Scheme: Legacy Scheme: Time Scheme: History Scheme: Immortality Scheme: Oblivion Scheme: Ancient Scheme: Relic Scheme: Artifact Scheme: Vintage Scheme: Infinity Craft Box Food Box Enchanting Box Enhancement Box Box of Wealth Faridei's Box Engraving Box Box with sweets