Electric Blue Loot Box Airborne Assault Loot Box High on the Hog Loot Box Governess Loot Box Elin Housemaid Loot Box Black Box Kitty Box Skycycle Loot Box Jetcycle Loot Box Royal Crimson Dragon Loot Box Royal Iron Dragon Loot Box Royal Diamond Dragonlord Box Royal Ghost Dragonlord Box Empowered Inner Armor Box Fitness Inner Armor Box Fortified Inner Armor Box Insulated Inner Armor Box Performance Inner Armor Box True Ultimate Power Weapon Box Flying Llama Loot Box Dyeable Striped Bikini / Leisure Shorts Loot Box Dyeable Peachstringer / Fitted Beach Wear Loot Box Dyeable Deep V / Jammers Loot Box Dyeable Duckie Swimsuit Loot Box Castanic Female Croptop Loot Box Dyeable Bleachstringer / Fundoshi Loot Box Dyeable Silver Bikini / Speeders Loot Box Summer Now Swimwear Crate School Bag Loot Box Seren's Night School Locker Airy Aurora Loot Box Squad Captain Loot Box Color Guard Loot Box Post-Grad Loot Box Level 10 Box Level 20 Box Level 30 Box Level 40 Box Level 45 Box Level 50 Box Level 55 Box Level 60 Box Level 65 Box Striped Bikini / Leisure Shorts Swimwear Butterfly Plunge / Fitted Beach Wear Swimsuit Dyeable Bikini / Leisure Swimwear Dyeable Peachstringer / Beach Wear Swimsuit Deep Blue Jammers Swimwear Yellow Duckie Swimsuit Dyeable Duckie / Maillot Swimsuit Bleachwear / Fundoshi Swimsuit Silver / Golden Swimwear Dyeable Bleachstringer / Fundoshi Swimwear Dyeable Silver / Speeders Swimwear Dyeable Deep V / Jammers Swimwear Elin Super Garment Bag Pick of the Pixies Smart Box Heavensent Smart Box Deus Irae Smart Box Beach Weekend Smart Box 3-Day Celestial Costume 3-Day Angelic Weapon Skin Dummy Smartbox Personalized Gym Uniform Loot Box Purple Master Plasma Smart Box Wings in the Dark Loot Box Shadows at Twilight Loot Box Dark Lord Dakuryon (HP) Loot Box Dark Master Dakuryon (MP) Loot Box Twistshard Free-65 Box Lustrous Federation Crate Keyed-to-Win Halloween Hyperbox Doorbuster Hyperbox Stormy Weather Loot Box Pick-a-Pixie Loot Box Green New Year Hanbok Loot Box Red New Year Hanbok Loot Box Wearin' o' the Green Loot Box Promotional Loot Box (7-day) Spellracer Loot Box (Old) Adventurous Federation Crate Companion Loot Box Terachic Boutique Costume Box Terachic Boutique Accessory Box Surprise Gacha70 Surprise Gacha71 Surprise Gacha72 Surprise Gacha73 Surprise Gacha74 Surprise Gacha75 Surprise Gacha76 Surprise Gacha77 Surprise Gacha78 Surprise Gacha79 Provisional Provisions Box Pearly Gates Smart Box Celestial Host Smart Box Beach Bum Smart Box Permanent Vacation Smart Box Bathing Beauty Smart Box Lovin' Summer Smart Box Sunny Beach Smart Box Makin' Waves Smart Box Hellspawn Smart Box Hellsworn Smart Box Picture-Perfect Pixies Smart Box Something Behind You Footsteps Box Creepy Dolls Pet Pack About to Croak Pet Pack Tempered-Spell Smart Box Arcane Afterglow Smart Box Leprechaun Costume Promotional Smart Box Promotional Smart Box Surprise Smart Box70 Surprise Smart Box71 Surprise Smart Box72 Picture-Perfect Pixies Smart Box (3-Day) Starglow Costume Box (3-Day) Starglow Weapon Skin Box (3-Day) Party Hearty Smart Box (3-Day) Blessed Occasion Smart Box (3-Day) SWAT Uniform (3-Day) Spellweave Smart Box Spellsilk Smart Box Fire and Ice Mount Loot Box Waddles and Barnstorm Loot Box Harry Porker and Flitch Loot Box Petunia and Spamtasia Loot Box Boss and Cloudswallow Loot Box Harley and Major Swine Loot Box Wolf Loot Box Tiger Loot Box Ladylove and Cherry Blossom Loot Box Obsidian and Noble Moon Loot Box Snarlheart, Noble Timber, and Thunderbolt Loot Box Ni Hao and Mei Mei Loot Box Ice and Arctos Loot Box Beetle Loot Box Sushi-Cat Loot Box Crimson and Shadow Loot Box Pegasus Loot Box Flying Lion Loot Box Fiery Flying Lion Loot Box Baby and Powderpuff Loot Box Andy and Drama Loot Box Prue and Bellbottom Loot Box Clive and Sultan Loot Box Royal Iron Dragon Loot Box